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ATandT Inc Had Its PT Cut by 5.26 at Bernstein to 36.00
In analysts note sent to clients and investors by Bernstein on Friday 2 October ATandT Inc had its TP downgraded to 36.00. ATandT Inc. to Issue Quarterly Dividend of 0.47 on November 2nd Financial Wisdom Works ATandT Rating Lowered to Buy at Vetr Inc. WKRB News
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ATandT Yield Hovers Near 6
I have been looking for a 6 yield from ATandT since February 25 2015 when shares traded at 32 and the quarterly dividend was 0.46.
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ATandT Inc. Analyst Rating Update
ATandT Inc. has received a short term rating of hold from research analysts at Zacks with a rank of 3. The company has been rated an average of 1.86 by 22 Wall Street Analysts. Shares of ATandT Inc. Sees Large Inflow of Net Money Flow News Watch International Investors Watching Most Active Stocks Facebook Inc ATandT Inc ... Wsnews4investors
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ATandT named top U.S. Investment Hero of 2015 for 21B domestic spend
For the fourth year in a row ATandT has been named as top capital investor in the U.S. in 2014 spending a total of 21.2 billion. ATandT Secures Top Spot On PPI US Investment Heroes Rankings For Fourth Straight ... MarketWatch
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Here How ATandampT Inc. Stock Performed Last Month
ATandT Inc. stock has shown a disappointing performance since the US market slump which dragged the share price down in August.
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ATandT Inc. Short Interest Update
ATandT Inc. stated gains of 3396567 shares or 2.7 in the short interest. The short interest registered from 126080595 on August 312015 to 129477162 on September 152015. Traders Buy Shares of ATandT on Weakness DC Progressive
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Analysis Of Hot Stocks ATandT Inc. Verizon Communications Inc. NYSE ...
ATandT Inc. closed at 32.28. The company fell 0.86 with market capitalization of 200.28 billion. During the year the lowest point at which share traded is 32.13 and hit the highest point at 32.45.
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Cell Competition Heats Up TMobile Sprint Gaining On Verizon ATandT
According to Bowen checks ATandT overall traffic trends were quotsomewhat weakquot as the company continued to be less promotional versus its peers but is offering tablets at quotsubstantialquot discounts as part of a phone package. Large Inflow of Money Witnessed in ATandT Inc. Money Flow Index Company Shares of ATandT Inc. Drops by 0.52 Insider Trading Report
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ATandampT Inc. Seeks Damages From ExEmployees For Illegally Unlocking ...
ATandT claims that it has found malware installed on its systems and has filed a lawsuit against phoneunlocking company Swift Unlocks and exemployees Kyra Evans Marc Sapatin and Nguyen Lam. ATandT Sues 3 Former Workers for Alleged Mobile Phone Unlocking Scheme eWeek
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ATandT Inc. Unlimited Data Increasing By Four Times
Tech News Today Sep 19 2015 ATandT recently announced an update to their data policy which allows users to enjoy 22GB instead of the previous 5GB data for 30days.
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Shares of ATandT Inc. Sees Large Inflow of Net Money
ATandT Inc. dropped by 0.15 or 0.05 points during the last session to 32.89 per share. One of the highlights of the day was the net money flow figure which stood at 8.99 million even as the stock accepted 163.25 million in upticks but ... ATandT Inc. Price Target Update American Trade Journal Morgan Stanley Reaffirms Equal Weight Rating for ATandT WKRB News
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ATandampT Inc. Follows Competitors Upgrades Unlimited Data Plan To 22GB
ATandT Inc. data plans have undergone significant changes lately. The company will now offer 22GB under its unlimited data plan without any speed reductions instead of previous 5GB per month. ATandT Inc Unlimited Plan Offers 22GB Per Month After Being Fined By FCC Tech News Today ATandT changes throttling practices for unlimited data plans Dallas Business Journal
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ATandampT Inc. Will Now Only Throttle Data After 22GB Of Usage On Unlimited Plan
ATandT has imposed new network management practices that will only slow down Internet speeds on unlimited plans after a certain range. ATandT Inc Unlimited Plan Offers 22GB Per Month After Being Fined By FCC Tech News Today ATandT shifts its unlimited data plan speed reduction limit to 22GB Technology News Extra
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Why ATandT Dividend Growth May Accelerate Next Year And Beyond
ATandT has primarily been known as a highyield lowgrowth dividend stock. It increased its dividend by just one penny per share in each of the last seven years.
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Shares of ATandT Inc. Sees Large Inflow of Net Money Flow
The shares of ATandT Inc. traded with a loss of 0.03 points or 0.09 in the most recent session. The shares last traded at 32.72. Company Shares of ATandT Inc. Rally 0.49 American Trade Journal
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ATandT Inc Had Its PT Cut by 5.26 at Bernstein to 36.0010/02/2015

ATT Inc Revenue

ATT Inc is rated third in revenue category among related companies. Market size based on revenue of Telecom Services - Domestic industry is at this time estimated at about 575.35 Billion. ATT Inc totals roughly 132.99 Billion in revenue claiming about 23% of equities listed under Telecom Services - Domestic industry.

ATT Inc Earnings Estimates

EPSEstimate Date
Quarterly Estimate0.68October 22, 2015
ATT Inc normalized analysts earnings estimates for actual as well as projected forward EPS values taken as an average expert opinion over time
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ATT Inc Total Debt

Based on latest financial disclosure ATT Inc has Total Debt of 116.24 B. This is 2991.52% higher than that of the Technology sector, and 340.09% higher than that of Telecom Services - Domestic industry, The Total Debt for all stocks is 1094.26% lower than the firm.
In most industries, total debt may also include current portion of long-term debt. Since debt terms vary widely from one company to another, simply comparing outstanding debt obligations between different companies may not be adequate. It is usually meaningful to compare total debt amounts between companies that operate within the same sector.
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