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Are Speculators Pushing Crude Oil Prices Too High
If, say, an outage occurs in Libya, or Venezuela reports another shocking decline in output, then hedge funds may not worry about the extreme net length right now in the futures market.
a day ago at etfdailynews.com         
Oil Speculators Are Placing Record Bets On Higher Crude Prices
This trader positioning does not guarantee that oil prices will immediately collapse from here - or even cease their current ascent.
3 days ago at etfdailynews.com         
What Could Cause The Next Oil Price Rally
Is an oil price spike inevitable It too early to say, despite those investments that never materialized. OPEC and Russia, as well as their smaller partners in the production cut, are capable of bringing back online the 1.8 million bpd that they have ...
few days ago at etfdailynews.com         
China Plunging Crude Imports Bound To Hurt Oil Prices
ETF Daily News - Jan 13, 2018 ... consuming about two-thirds of seaborne iron ore shipments, and on track to use growing amounts of the steel it produces at home, Bloomberg notes, which signals further economic growth and therefore more good news for oil and gas exporters.
few days ago at etfdailynews.com         
Why 60 Oil Wo not Last Much Longer
ETF Daily News - Jan 12, 2018 And when prices are high our minds become landlocked into thinking about endless demand growth, geopolitics, cartel collusion, steep decline rates and the necessity of high levels of capital investment.
over a week ago at etfdailynews.com         
Oil Supplies Could Plunge Soon, Amid Continued Chaos In Venezuela
The quality of Venezuela oil exports are also worsening, and some refiners around the world are rejecting shipments. The lack of cash means that PDVSA will struggle to import the diluent needed to mix with its heavy oil.
over a week ago at etfdailynews.com         
Oil Rally Sputters To Start The New Year
It is one of the largest sums ever committed for an oil startup. Luxe had previously acquired acreage in the Permian and sold it, and NGP is reloading the firm with more cash to build another exploration company.
over a week ago at www.benzinga.com         
Pains At The Pump, Gains For Oil Investors The 2018 Gas Outlook
benzinga news
Benzinga - Jan 4, 2018 OPEC cuts have lowered oil inventories by nearly 50 million barrels compared to one year ago. Yet, understanding many factors, including OPEC, fuel taxes, the economy and their impact on supply and demand is integral to providing a thorough and ...
over two weeks ago at etfdailynews.com         
Iran Latest Crisis Could Spike Oil Back To 100
That means that as these geopolitical events lose salience, the short run risk for oil prices is very much on the downside. Not having at least one solid correction to the downside in 2018 with such a mega bullish allocation to start with would ...
over two weeks ago at etfdailynews.com         
Rising Oil Prices Eating Into China Strategic Reserves
ETF Daily News - Jan 1, 2018 According to the company data, the first nine days of November saw an inventory increase of 37 million barrels, after a 120-million-barrel draw in September and October.
over two weeks ago at etfdailynews.com         
Oil Inches Lower From Yearly Highs Despite Bullish Inventory Data
ETF Daily News - Dec 28, 2017 The dip in US crude oil inventories comes after weeks and weeks of increasing oil production in the United States, growing from an average of 8.946 million bpd in the first week of January of this year and reaching an average of 9.789 million bpd for ...
over three weeks ago at etfdailynews.com         
Why The OPEC Oil Production Deal Could Fall Apart In 2018
Thereafter, with oil prices rising and the inventory surplus eliminated, the justification for OPEC production cuts will lose their urgency, and members will be tempted to cheat.
over three weeks ago at etfdailynews.com         
Barclays Remains Bearish On Oil Prices For 2018
I would argue that they want price stability over a certain price level, Cohen noted, referring to Saudi Arabia targeting a certain range of oil prices.
over three weeks ago at friscofastball.com         
United States Oil Rises 0.52 percent for Dec 19
More notable recent United States Oil news were published by Etfdailynews.com which released Will Oil Bulls Or Bears Prove Correct In 2018
over a month ago at etfdailynews.com         
How Hedge Funds Killed OPEC Latest Oil Rally
Goldman cites the shape of the futures curvethe backwardation will continue to steepen, due to higher near-term prices and lower longer-dated prices.

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