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iMarketing essential financial ratios

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We strongly advise you to harness iMarketing Solutions fundamental analysis to find out if markets are presently mispricing the firm. Specifically this interface allows you to validate available financial indicators of iMarketing Solutions as well as the relationship between them. We found twenty-three available indicators for iMarketing Solutions which can be compared to its rivals. To make sure the equity is not overpriced, please check out all iMarketing Solutions fundamentals including its Price to Book, Debt to Equity, Probability Of Bankruptcy, as well as the relationship between Net Income and One Year High .

iMarketing Fundamentals

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FundamentalsiMarketingPeer Average
Return On Equity
(198.33) %
(10.79) %
Return On Asset
(33.06) %
(12.34) %
Profit Margin
(15.64) %
(2.10) %
Operating Margin
(12.03) %
(10.30) %
Current Valuation
2.33 M
247.98 B
Shares Outstanding
32.03 M
421.04 M
Price to Book
0.09 times
8.64 times
Price to Sales
0.01 times
12.79 times
76.94 M
15.45 B
(7.56 M)
1.74 B
Net Income
(12.58 M)
783.92 M
Cash and Equivalents
507 K
4.42 B
Cash per Share
0.02 times
5.54 times
Total Debt
2.52 M
9.73 B
Debt to Equity
0.43 times
0.57 times
Current Ratio
0.58 times
3.65 times
Book Value Per Share
(0.02) times
17.22 times
Cash Flow from Operations
326 K
1.11 B
One Year High
One Year Low
Market Capitalization
800.85 K
21.31 B
Nike Chairman Phil Knight plans to step down, and says he wants President and CEO Mark Parker to succeed him.
Puerto Rico isn't turning out to be the golden investment opportunity hedge funds and other big money investors once thought it was.

iMarketing Company Summary

iMarketing competes with ROYAL, TORONTO, VALEANT, CNOOC, and BK OF. iMarketing Solutions Group Inc is involved in production and marketing of sports and entertainment events newsletters and marketing materials direct mail and fundraising activities. It offers events tours fee for service fundraising and data development direct contact services to potential voters and party supporters to assist in the assessment of political attitudes selected proprietary databases to notforprofit organizations on rent and subcontract work. iMarketing Solutions Group Inc was formerly known as Xentel DM Incorporated and changed its name to iMarketing Solutions Group Inc. in November 2010. iMarketing Solutions Group Inc. is headquartered in Calgary Canada.

Chance of Financial Distress

iMarketing Solutions Group Inc has more than 75 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info

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