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iMarketing technical analysis

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iMarketing Solutions

Stock@TSX Venture Exchange 
Canada CAD
(12.58 M)
(198.33) %
Relative to Fundamental Indicators, Macroaxis technical analysis interface lets you check existing technical drivers of iMarketing Solutions Group Inc as well as the relationship between them. Specifically you can use this information to find out if the organization will indeed mirror its model of past data patterns or the prices will eventually revert. We found nineteen technical drivers for iMarketing Solutions which can be compared to its rivals. Please check out iMarketing Solutions Standard Deviation and the relationship between Treynor Ratio and Kurtosis to decide if iMarketing Solutions is priced fairly providing market reflects its latest price of 0.025 per share. Use iMarketing Solutions Group Inc technical analysis within your current portfolio analysis strategies to protect against small markets fluctuations and to find right Stock diversification strategy.  
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iMarketing Solutions Trend Analysis

Use this graph to draw trend lines for iMarketing Solutions Group Inc. You can use it to identify possible trend reversals for iMarketing as well as other signals and approximate when it will take place. Remember, you need at least two touches of the trend line with actual iMarketing price movement. To start drawing, click on the pencil icon on top-right. To remove the trend, use eraser icon.
Closing Price
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iMarketing Best Fit Change Line

The following chart estimates an ordinary least squares regression model for iMarketing Solutions Group Inc applied against its price change over selected period. The best fit line has a slop of ? % Macroaxis: NaN Moved Up . It has 0 observation points and a regression sum of squares at 0.0, which is the sum of squared deviations for the predicted iMarketing price change compared to its average price change.
Price Growth (%)  
Prediction Trend   iMarketing   
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iMarketing has a best fit line with a correlation coefficient of 0.0. and coefficient of determination of 0.0. Note, that the company has price to book (p/b) ratio of 0.09.

iMarketing April 16 2014 Technical Indicators

Cycle Indicators
Math Operators
Math Transform
Momentum Indicators
Overlap Studies
Pattern Recognition
Price Transform
Statistic Functions
Volatility Indicators
Volume Indicators
Technical Analysis library and functions are provided by TA-LIB library. For more information please visit
Risk Adjusted Performance0.0
Market Risk Adjusted Performance0.0
Mean Deviation0.0
Semi Deviation0.0
Downside Deviation0.0
Coefficient Of Variation0.0
Standard Deviation0.0
Maximum Drawdown0.0
Value At Risk0.0
Potential Upside0.0
Downside Variance0.0
Semi Variance0.0
Expected Short fall0.0
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