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iMarketing risk analysis

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iMarketing Solutions

Stock@TSX Venture Exchange 
Canada CAD
Our philosophy towards determining volatility of a stock is to use all available market data together with company specific technical indicators that cannot be diversified away. We have found twenty-one technical indicators for iMarketing Solutions which you can use to evaluate future volatility of the organization. Please check out iMarketing Solutions to validate if risk estimate we provide are consistent with the epected return of 0.0%.
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Investment horizon:  
  30 Days    Login   to change

Projected Return Density against Market

Assuming 30 trading days horizon, iMarketing has beta of 0.0 . This means unless we do not have required data, the returns on NYSE and iMarketing are completely uncorrelated. Furthermore, iMarketing Solutions Group IncIt does not look like iMarketing alpha can have any bearing on the equity current valuation.
αAlpha over NYSE= 0.00
βBeta against NYSE= 0.00
σOverall volatility= 0.00
 iInformation ratio = 0.00

Actual Return Volatility

iMarketing Solutions Group Inc shows 0.0% volatility of returns over 30 trading days. NYSE inherits 0.75% risk (volatility on return distribution) over the 30 days horizon.
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NYSE has a standard deviation of returns of 0.75 and is 9.223372036854776E16 times more volatile than iMarketing Solutions Group Inc. 0% of all equities and portfolios are less risky than iMarketing. Compared with the overall equity markets, volatility of historical daily returns of iMarketing Solutions Group Inc is lower than 0 (%) of all global equities and portfolios over the last 30 days.

iMarketing Current Risk Indicators

Risk Adjusted Performance0.0
Market Risk Adjusted Performance0.0
Mean Deviation0.0
Semi Deviation0.0
Downside Deviation0.0
Coefficient Of Variation0.0
Standard Deviation0.0

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