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 iShares Net Asset
 iShares Net Asset
Net Asset
CategoryNet Asset
Intermediate-Term Bond4,636,980,000
Miscellaneous Region939,768,889
Mid-Cap Blend10,266,783,333
Mid-Cap Value5,676,740,000
Islamic Global Equity97,058,000
US Large-Cap Blend Equity6,513,319,706
Global Large-Cap Blend Equity2,840,036,538
EUR Corporate Bond2,417,881,304
Sector Equity Infrastructure261,147,692
Canadian Fixed Income Balanced701,870,000
Eurozone Large-Cap Equity2,187,320,820
Sector Equity Healthcare123,097,143
Target Date 2016-202051,910,000
Large Blend4,791,220,000
China Equity6,392,036,111
Target Date 2026-203036,110,000
EUR Government Bond392,099,062
Latin America Equity213,100,000
Asia ex Japan Equity1,129,083,333
Corporate Bond2,673,236,667
Target Date 2021-202541,300,000
EUR Money Market367,576,667
Equity Greater China57,240,000
Europe Large-Cap Blend Equity864,973,269
EUR Inflation-Linked Bond782,650,000
Austria Equity105,570,000
Foreign Large Blend14,449,767,500
Target Date 2036-204044,070,000
China Region1,423,916,667
Foreign Large Growth1,790,000,000
Emerging Markets Bond1,124,855,000
Global Real Estate247,382,500
Canadian Long Term Fixed Income192,060,000
US Equity494,563,636
Target Date 2031-203527,950,000
Europe Stock6,765,000,000
Japan Large-Cap Equity3,626,596,471
Commodities Precious Metals6,705,000,000
Real Estate Equity455,376,667
Canadian Equity3,837,377,143
Equity Energy604,427,143
International Equity563,440,000
Global Equity Balanced61,836,667
Small Blend10,992,307,500
Equity North America286,541,250
Real Estate1,089,811,250
Emerging Europe ex-Russia Equity11,012,000
Short-Term Bond4,471,713,333
Canadian Money Market93,760,000
Latin America Stock1,308,957,500
Target Date 2011-201526,750,000
BRIC Equity465,818,333
Retirement Income10,330,000
World Stock1,790,536,000
Natural Resources487,187,778
Canadian Short Term Fixed Income1,664,000,000
Japan Stock4,757,036,667
Sector Equity Private Equity437,325,000
Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk1,096,828,000
High Yield Fixed Income279,715,555
Miscellaneous - Sector Equity53,420,000
Canadian Fixed Income429,767,500
Muni National Short197,213,333
Taiwan Large-Cap Equity415,995,000
Asia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity442,496,667
Switzerland Large-Cap Equity213,906,667
Sector Equity Technology18,263,333
Eurozone Mid-Cap Equity296,840,000
Other Asia-Pacific Equity3,077,500,000
Muni National Interm1,618,190,000
Consumer Cyclical596,167,500
Global Equity126,485,000
Diversified Emerging Mkts3,182,610,833
US Equity - Currency Hedged453,944,000
India Equity671,394,286
Large Growth6,867,998,000
Consumer Defensive348,096,667
Property - Indirect Global2,410,000,000
High Yield Bond4,442,250,000
Global Emerging Markets Equity2,321,586,087
Small Value3,176,010,000
Global Emerging Markets Bond - Local Currency721,102,000
Sector Equity Natural Resources76,552,857
EUR Diversified Bond1,042,834,286
US Large-Cap Value Equity198,982,500
World Bond185,248,333
Mid-Cap Growth3,244,330,000
Global Equity - Currency Hedged660,268,000
Natural Resources Equity132,778,571
USD Corporate Bond1,230,000,000
Small Growth3,122,443,333
Korea Equity663,416,667
Commodities Broad Basket546,650,000
Canadian Small/Mid Cap Equity217,613,333
Preferred Share Fixed Income750,070,000
Eurozone Small-Cap Equity602,442,857
Miscellaneous Sector278,753,333
Canadian Dividend and Income Equity863,660,000
Muni New York Intermediate124,240,000
Sector Equity Water300,006,667
Foreign Small/Mid Blend1,988,240,000
Australia and New Zealand Equity125,122,500
Equity World Other28,082,353
Europe Large-Cap Value Equity102,920,000
USD Government Bond1,476,627,647
Large Value4,038,356,000
Russia Equity24,656,667
Bonds - Australia37,517,500
Equity Australia Large Blend193,625,000
Global Inflation-Linked Bond577,156,667
US Small-Cap Equity487,540,000
Commodities - Precious Metals48,017,500
Sector Equity Energy124,406,667
Asia-Pacific ex-Japan Equity340,700,000
Property - Indirect Europe565,793,077
Sector Equity Communications45,934,545
GBP Government Bond789,195,000
US Small/Mid Cap Equity232,410,000
Europe ex-UK Large-Cap Equity1,417,500,000
Equity Europe262,610,000
Islamic Equity - Other28,957,500
Italy Equity1,096,666,667
Aggressive Allocation235,680,000
Long Government2,603,210,000
Europe Equity Income142,190,000
Brazil Equity436,776,250
Sector Equity Alternative Energy105,705,000
Europe Mid-Cap Equity270,070,000
Geographic Equity65,360,000
India Equity 671,394,286
Preferred Stock4,540,475,000
Market Neutral51,540,000
Intermediate Government830,190,000
Conservative Allocation167,396,667
Emerging Europe Equity241,583,333
Property - Indirect Asia194,662,222
Short Government4,985,000,000
Global Fixed Income73,190,000
Moderate Allocation273,840,000
EUR Government Bond - Short Term668,142,222
Global Emerging Markets Bond3,407,500,000
Commodities - Broad Basket472,030,000
Japan Small/Mid-Cap Equity127,240,000
Netherlands Equity265,746,666
Sector Equity Financial Services180,831,875
Germany Large-Cap Equity12,574,148,333
Miscellaneous - Other17,045,000
Global Bond289,040,000
Equity Japan84,490,000
Precious Metals Equity631,000,000
USD Inflation-Linked Bond480,757,143
Muni California Long260,500,000
Global Fixed Income Balanced10,420,000
Target Date 2041-20454,930,000
Foreign Large Value2,340,000,000
Alternative Strategies3,035,000
Emerging Markets Equity118,878,333
Equity Emerging Markets170,860,000
Poland Equity83,170,000
Property - Indirect North America465,717,000
Turkey Equity341,110,000
Global Neutral Balanced55,090,000
Sector Equity Utilities109,035,000
EUR High Yield Bond2,792,500,000
Financial Services Equity392,463,333
Miscellaneous - Geographic Equity17,546,667
GBP Inflation-Linked Bond749,205,000
Sector Equity Consumer Goods and Services44,951,714
UK Large-Cap Blend Equity3,066,123,750
Europe Small-Cap Equity277,327,500
Other Africa and Middle East Equity12,895,000
GBP Corporate Bond627,930,000
Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income406,230,000
Greater China Equity17,616,667
Sector Equity Industrial Materials70,531,818
Target Date 2046-205010,430,000
Equity World Large Blend309,165,000
Canadian Equity Balanced359,810,000
UK Equity Income697,060,000
Equity Asia Pacific w/o Japan130,936,667
Canada Equity206,510,000
Germany Small/Mid-Cap Equity718,510,000
Long-Term Bond110,765,000
Equity Australia Large Value196,200,000
Inflation-Protected Bond6,677,995,000
US Large-Cap Growth Equity598,090,000
Sector Equity89,830,000
UK Mid-Cap Equity1,110,000,000
South Africa and Namibia Equity17,120,000
Equity Australia Mid/Small Blend54,280,000
Global Equity Income372,700,000
Ultrashort Bond3,690,000,000
Diversified Pacific/Asia46,250,000
Sector Equity Agriculture41,980,000
Equity Precious Metals33,840,000
Other Americas Equity33,479,999
USD Diversified Bond283,740,000
USD High Yield Bond1,450,000,000
Sector Equity Precious Metals242,370,000
Commodities - Industrial and Broad Metals9,530,000
Bonds - Inflation-linked11,500,000
Global Emerging Markets Bond - EUR Biased41,470,000