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 iShares Net Asset
 iShares Net Asset
Net Asset
CategoryNet Asset
Intermediate-Term Bond4,080,836,667
Miscellaneous Region956,560,526
Mid-Cap Blend10,355,946,667
Mid-Cap Value6,070,332,500
Canadian Fixed Income Balanced716,750,000
Target Date 2016-202056,900,000
Large Blend5,352,405,625
Sector Equity Infrastructure352,550,000
China Equity13,638,988,750
Target Date 2026-203041,120,000
Corporate Bond1,881,745,714
Target Date 2021-202544,170,000
Equity Greater China55,780,000
Foreign Large Blend12,334,514,000
Target Date 2036-204049,440,000
China Region1,392,784,444
Foreign Large Growth1,810,000,000
Emerging Markets Bond1,335,282,500
Global Real Estate254,410,000
Canadian Long Term Fixed Income101,160,000
US Equity485,540,000
Target Date 2031-203533,030,000
Europe Stock7,665,000,000
Commodities Precious Metals6,425,000,000
Real Estate Equity486,140,000
Canadian Equity3,424,565,000
Equity Energy779,696,667
International Equity430,857,143
Global Equity Balanced65,973,333
Small Blend7,716,352,000
Equity North America307,356,250
Real Estate1,267,201,250
Short-Term Bond3,281,482,500
Canadian Money Market80,010,000
Latin America Stock1,346,682,500
Target Date 2011-201529,130,000
Retirement Income13,105,000
World Stock1,782,815,000
Natural Resources517,687,778
Canadian Short Term Fixed Income1,304,692,857
Japan Stock4,617,983,333
Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk1,184,006,000
High Yield Fixed Income284,551,111
Sector Equity66,746,000
Canadian Fixed Income438,685,000
Muni National Short191,258,571
Consumer Cyclical577,410,000
Global Equity135,518,750
Diversified Emerging Mkts3,480,113,846
India Equity733,881,429
Large Growth5,818,098,333
Consumer Defensive386,446,666
Europe Large-Cap Blend Equity515,945,385
High Yield Bond3,404,537,500
Small Value3,090,110,000
Global Emerging Markets Bond - Local Currency925,230,000
Emerging Europe ex-Russia Equity11,446,667
US Large-Cap Value Equity198,425,000
Eurozone Large-Cap Equity2,531,800,000
World Bond192,631,667
Asia ex Japan Equity660,121,111
Mid-Cap Growth3,150,826,667
Natural Resources Equity48,374,000
Small Growth2,775,563,333
Commodities Broad Basket596,645,000
Canadian Small/Mid Cap Equity169,135,000
Preferred Share Fixed Income751,450,000
Miscellaneous Sector327,760,000
Canadian Dividend and Income Equity894,253,333
Muni New York Intermediate137,470,000
Foreign Small/Mid Blend2,092,960,000
Australia and New Zealand Equity129,590,000
Equity World Other30,543,529
Europe Large-Cap Value Equity102,920,000
Large Value4,334,357,778
Russia Equity24,656,667
Bonds - Australia48,060,000
Equity Australia Large Blend212,775,000
US Large-Cap Blend Equity7,551,481,250
US Small/Mid Cap Equity186,560,000
Taiwan Large-Cap Equity730,360,000
Muni National Interm3,340,000,000
Equity Europe300,440,000
Aggressive Allocation251,990,000
Long Government4,655,303,333
Global Large-Cap Blend Equity2,294,481,250
EUR Government Bond313,033,333
Europe Mid-Cap Equity267,570,000
Geographic Equity28,757,500
Preferred Stock5,047,060,000
Market Neutral51,540,000
Intermediate Government893,962,500
Conservative Allocation183,936,667
Short Government4,975,000,000
Global Fixed Income67,200,000
Moderate Allocation292,850,000
Commodities - Broad Basket460,840,000
Energy Equity330,745,000
Germany Large-Cap Equity13,660,000,000
Miscellaneous - Other16,995,000
Equity Japan83,560,000
Precious Metals Equity554,060,000
Muni California Intermediate266,190,000
Global Fixed Income Balanced10,640,000
Target Date 2041-20458,780,000
Foreign Large Value2,309,540,000
Alternative Strategies3,035,000
Emerging Markets Equity107,460,000
Equity Emerging Markets175,192,500
Global Neutral Balanced56,690,000
Financial Services Equity400,120,000
Islamic Global Equity107,530,000
Sector Equity Consumer Goods and Services43,028,800
EUR Government Bond - Short Term645,810,000
Europe Small-Cap Equity251,736,667
Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income426,260,000
Greater China Equity17,190,000
Target Date 2046-205014,200,000
Equity World Large Blend340,418,333
Canadian Equity Balanced379,290,000
Japan Large-Cap Equity3,940,300,000
Sector Equity Industrial Materials62,774,286
Equity Asia Pacific w/o Japan137,710,000
Long-Term Bond117,520,000
Equity Australia Large Value237,550,000
EUR Diversified Bond1,245,000,000
Sector Equity Financial Services141,324,444
Inflation-Protected Bond6,736,165,000
Sector Equity Energy111,897,500
Equity Australia Mid/Small Blend56,470,000
Ultrashort Bond3,560,000,000
Diversified Pacific/Asia49,570,000
Equity Precious Metals32,290,000
Commodities - Industrial and Broad Metals9,530,000
Bonds - Inflation-linked11,720,000
Europe ex-UK Large-Cap Equity1,520,000,000
Foreign Small/Mid Value7,550,000


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