The Macroaxis Equity Screener (Stock EBITDA) is a collation of tools that enables investors to find investing opportunities across different fundamental criteria. Generally, investors use equity screeners to find instruments that they believe will perform well over time. Unlike traditional screens that enable investors to pick long positions on a stand-along basis, Macroaxis Equity Screener is designed as a set of modules to build well diversified portfolios. See also Investing Ideas to analyze predefined set of optimized investing ideas.
USD  All Stocks
Apparel Stores381,430,096
Rental and Leasing Services430,069,811
Business Services248,387,979
Management Services79,986,428
Medical Equipment Wholesale602,643,000
Specialty Retail, Other493,278,881
Staffing and Outsourcing Services173,025,150
Specialty Eateries755,364,444
Publishing - Newspapers421,904,231
Electronics Stores825,816,000
Advertising Agencies183,773,649
Auto Dealerships365,387,090
Entertainment - Diversified1,491,651,294
Security and Protection Services186,732,361
Jewelry Stores1,390,469,649
Marketing Services41,857,402
Air Delivery and Freight Services2,488,251,730
Catalog and Mail Order Houses737,133,944
Research Services68,301,071
Broadcasting - TV1,326,845,396
Major Airlines10,528,657,452
Home Furnishing Stores410,485,000
Broadcasting - Radio205,616,136
Personal Services108,271,790
Discount, Variety Stores9,724,573,600
Regional Airlines1,185,800,618
Drug Stores2,715,111,068
Home Improvement Stores4,283,304,486
Resorts and Casinos847,956,508
Education and Training Services106,265,788
Department Stores1,594,396,753
Sporting Goods Stores256,915,000
Industrial Equipment Wholesale246,926,780
Grocery Stores1,277,697,278
Drugs Wholesale2,370,231,737
Publishing - Periodicals456,862,220
Food Wholesale724,572,259
Gaming Activities165,187,271
Air Services, Other1,380,761,292
Electronics Wholesale568,679,039
CATV Systems3,074,406,296
Technical Services101,534,396
General Entertainment530,948,750
Sporting Activities88,735,959
Auto Parts Wholesale1,262,060,000
Auto Parts Stores1,803,333,333
Building Materials Wholesale105,856,667
Publishing - Books236,042,000
Computers Wholesale118,329,450
Basic Materials Wholesale64,873,333
Music and Video Stores2,883,378
Toy and Hobby Stores27,720,000
Movie Production, Theaters176,705,655
Consumer Services7,873,753
Wholesale, Other402,438