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All Stocks
 Services EBITDA
 Services EBITDA
Apparel Stores367,404,170
Rental and Leasing Services303,982,324
Business Services258,284,824
Management Services109,578,909
Medical Equipment Wholesale228,664,417
Specialty Retail, Other430,590,647
Staffing and Outsourcing Services181,056,336
Specialty Eateries670,310,000
Auto Parts Wholesale853,402,526
Publishing - Newspapers480,788,032
Electronics Stores443,126,667
Regional Airlines581,802,500
Auto Dealerships353,700,796
Entertainment - Diversified742,371,763
Security and Protection Services149,199,032
Auto Parts Stores871,178,000
Jewelry Stores1,151,344,061
Movie Production, Theaters137,842,559
Marketing Services73,771,014
Air Delivery and Freight Services1,259,971,060
Catalog and Mail Order Houses440,664,615
Research Services73,140,615
Drug Stores2,905,665,927
Broadcasting - TV1,141,277,435
Major Airlines7,265,016,571
Home Furnishing Stores434,420,000
Broadcasting - Radio226,187,727
Publishing - Periodicals489,294,485
Personal Services136,135,557
Discount, Variety Stores7,261,552,800
Consumer Services14,433,827
Home Improvement Stores3,629,119,091
Resorts and Casinos1,151,389,477
Education and Training Services46,997,376
Advertising Agencies153,392,331
Department Stores1,773,988,585
Sporting Goods Stores226,596,667
Industrial Equipment Wholesale187,765,179
Grocery Stores1,385,485,185
Drugs Wholesale1,757,255,185
CATV Systems2,383,575,099
Food Wholesale284,403,286
Computers Wholesale92,306,663
Music and Video Stores5,733,333
Electronics Wholesale908,515,043
Technical Services133,322,307
General Entertainment331,121,462
Sporting Activities119,047,242
Building Materials Wholesale94,214,667
Publishing - Books262,260,567
Gaming Activities194,899,802
Air Services, Other-248,794,642
Basic Materials Wholesale42,804,215
Toy and Hobby Stores22,240,000
Wholesale, Other-300,980