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USD  All Stocks
Apparel Stores369,053,966
Rental and Leasing Services290,774,473
Business Services253,620,786
Management Services105,170,638
Medical Equipment Wholesale208,647,618
Specialty Retail, Other474,701,951
Staffing and Outsourcing Services171,936,354
Specialty Eateries630,123,750
Publishing - Newspapers447,514,151
Electronics Stores517,262,000
Advertising Agencies161,467,103
Regional Airlines677,698,333
Auto Dealerships315,109,910
Entertainment - Diversified935,286,047
Security and Protection Services142,237,555
Auto Parts Stores911,960,000
Jewelry Stores884,719,775
Movie Production, Theaters126,506,703
Marketing Services63,332,426
Air Delivery and Freight Services1,395,745,755
Catalog and Mail Order Houses402,445,000
Research Services75,204,195
Drug Stores2,919,203,704
Broadcasting - TV986,947,839
Major Airlines5,755,741,538
Home Furnishing Stores487,171,667
Broadcasting - Radio223,417,273
Publishing - Periodicals471,019,485
Personal Services126,529,784
Discount, Variety Stores9,687,725,769
Consumer Services17,496,633
Home Improvement Stores4,704,520,000
Resorts and Casinos1,069,706,858
Education and Training Services51,306,306
Department Stores1,006,527,195
Sporting Goods Stores223,363,333
Industrial Equipment Wholesale194,089,777
Grocery Stores1,449,768,431
Drugs Wholesale1,757,227,500
CATV Systems2,804,699,965
Food Wholesale299,428,218
Computers Wholesale96,103,281
Air Services, Other-210,993,161
Electronics Wholesale514,507,582
Technical Services117,224,218
General Entertainment289,123,271
Sporting Activities119,310,838
Auto Parts Wholesale803,634,490
Building Materials Wholesale65,230,000
Publishing - Books299,221,667
Gaming Activities198,094,438
Basic Materials Wholesale63,654,995
Music and Video Stores3,403,580
Toy and Hobby Stores27,240,000
Wholesale, Other-300,980