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If you find yourself looking at data, using naïve prediction is typically used as the benchmark predication, and takes previous data and does not alter it, allowing you to use other prediction models against it to see how they are doing.

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When looking for candlestick patterns, there are several out there and certainly no shortage. With the advanced block, this could be useful as it may let you be an early arriver to the market shift.

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If you have never heard of the stochastic indicator, I would first recommend reading about how the stochastic itself works. For those who are familiar, stochastic fast is more sensitive to the market, which means there are going to be more changes and movements in indicator.

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A piercing pattern is a pattern that helps traders and investors note a potential shift in the current trend. It is setup using two candles with larger trading ranges indicating there is some power behind the moves.

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There are many times within a chart where the market begins to lose its direction bias and traders are left wondering where the chart may go. The high wave candlestick pattern is a candle pattern that lets traders know there is indecision in the market at the present time.

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Candlestick patterns a useful way to find trends and potential movements within a market. The counterattack candlestick pattern is very useful because it can be used in both a bear and bull market.

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Technical analysis is one of the most popular analysis out there and with that comes the various tools and indicators that can help you zone in on trades. The Aroon indicator is an indicator that is used to help you the trader find the different trends that are out there.

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The Belt Hold candlestick pattern is one of the more recognizeable candle patterns and it only uses one candle compared to others that need several to confirm a potential move in the market.

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When looking at data, it is important to understand how it is laid out and if everything seems appropriate. Skewness and distribution of data around the mean is key and Kurtosis helps with measuring that.

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There are many ratios out there that measure anything from risk to cash flow, but the Treynor ratio is around to help traders and investors measure risk to reward.

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People who trade on technical analysis typically look to find a few indicators to help give them direction. Not only technically speaking, fundamental traders still peek at these tools to help them solidify an opinion. The Chaikin AD Line is volume based tool used to help show investors and traders the flow of money to and from a particular equity.

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The on balance volume indicator or OBV for short is used when looking for momentum identification in a market. When people are looking at a chart, many wonder where the money is coming from and this indicator attempts to sort between the institutional big bank money and individual investor money.

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As technical traders search for the next profitable opportunity, they also need to find patterns that can lead to a continuation of the current situation. The on-neck pattern is a continuation pattern that tells the trader the trend has the potential to continue in the current bearish pattern.

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Candlestick patterns are one of the most common ways technical trader s indicate a new trend or setup may be forming. The dark cloud cover is a candlestick setup that could be an indication of a bearish reversal looming.

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The stick sandwich pattern certainly has a humorous name, but patter happens relatively frequent and should be spotted with ease. Searching for the patter, there are three candles involved, with a bearish, then bullish, followed by a bearish, forming the sandwich.


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