Macroaxis: Personalized Investing
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Build portfolios that perfectly reflect your unique appetite for risk, economic outlook, and return expectations

Macroaxis portfolio optimization framework is designed for investors of all levels who seek to increase risk-adjusted performance of their invested capital using solid financial models and a robust portfolio optimization engine.
Check Opportunities
Inspect Correlations
Analyze Watchlists

Portfolio Suggestions

Discover market opportunities and generate real-time trading ideas

Portfolio Optimization

Rebalance portfolios to lock in positions with optimal asset allocations

Portfolio Origination

Create optimal portfolios that outperform market benchmarks
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Infinity Property and Casualty Corp

Maximize long-term expected returns and minimize exposure to market risk with your own personalized diversification toolset

Macroaxis offers a portfolio management framework in the context of traditional fundamental and technical analysis combined with mean-variance optimization and proven portfolio theory. Enhance returns and reduce exposure to market risk for yourself, your clients, and your family.

Apply the power of Macroaxis to all of your portfolios

Lock in positions that outperform market, originate portfolios that maximize returns and minimize risk, build wealth over time in any economy