Our goal is to make Macroaxis the most trusted site in investment management. To do this, we need your help and any suggestions for improvement hits can be sent to us directly via our feedback form. We help investors to manage and understand their investments; but we don't ask and store any information about your brokerage account. We provide simple tools to help you import and export your portfolios so that you can easily create and manage your accounts.

Personally Identifiable Information

Registration on Macroaxis is strictly voluntary. You do get some cool information and access to certain great features if you do register, but membership is not necessary to get the public information available on site. Macroaxis collects personally identifiable information ("Your Info") that you provide to us. This includes (at your discretion) your name, an email address, organization and a password. Our software uses this information to personalize and manage the Macroaxis website for you.

We'll Keep You In Touch

When you choose to register with us, Macroaxis logs you in automatically using your email address. This makes it easier for you as you don't have to create and remember a login identifier. The use of your email address for login also allows Macroaxis the chance to email you a new password in case you forget or lost your old one.

Macroaxis gives you the option of receiving emails from us. We'll keep you in loop about new features available on our service. We notify our users only for big release so you will not get more than 1 email in every quarter. If you like, you can opt out any time. Our emails are sent from a Macroaxis address and are sent to your real email address. Every email that we send has an instruction how to opt out from our notifications, so you can be unsubscribed when you want. We do hate spam and suspect that you do too.

Absolutely No Sharing

What's yours is yours. "You Info" that you chose to share with us is not going anywhere off of our site. We won't sell your info to anyone. There might be one exception in the event Macroaxis itself is sold. In this case we would transfer your info to our buyers so that they could continue to provide the same great service.

You Are In Control

Macroaxis members and site visitors have control over the use of their personal data. Since you are the boss, you always can change your account settings in the "Profile" page on Macroaxis.

Protecting Your Information

Security is our top priority. We take every precaution intended to keep the information stored in our systems protected from unauthorized access. We store your information in data centers located in the United States. The bottom line is, when it comes to information security, we mean business.

Browser Cookies

When you visit Macroaxis we may store information about your web session and assign you one or more 'cookies'. Your browser will store these cookies on you computer in a small text file.

Permanent cookie files remain on your computer's hard drive until you delete them manually using your browser or operating system software. You can enable your browser to refuse cookies, but doing so may disable access to some services and tools that we offer.

Age Matters

Macroaxis does not knowingly collect information from people under the age of 18. If we become aware of the fact that a minor is attempting to submit this information, we will inform the minor that he or she is ineligible to do so. We will then remove this information from our records.

Change is Life

Macroaxis reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. If there are material changes to this statement on how Macroaxis will use your information, we will prominently post these changes prior to implementing them. If you use our website after we post these changes, this indicates your acceptance of them. Regardless of later updates, we will follow the privacy practices described in this privacy statement at the time you provided us with your information. If you have questions about our privacy policies, please send feedback.