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Current Asset Analysis

Current Asset is all of company's assets that can be used to pay off current liabilities within current fiscal period or over next 12 months. Current Asset includes cash or cash equivalents, accounts receivable, short-term investments, and the portion of prepaid liabilities which will be paid within next 12 months. Because these assets are easily turned into cash, they are sometimes referred to as liquid assets.
Current Asset 
Liquid Assets 
162 M

About Current Asset

Current Asset is important to company's creditors and private equity firms as they will often be interested in how much that company has in current assets, since these assets can be easily liquidated in case the company goes bankrupt. However it is usually not enough to know if a company is in a good shape just based on current asset alone; the amount of current liabilities should always be considered.
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In accordance with recently published financial statements UNIBIO GROUP has Current Asset of 162 M. This is 99.9% lower than that of the Consumer Goods sector, and 93.17% lower than that of Packaging and Containers industry, The Current Asset for all stocks is 99.25% higher than the company.

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0468 HKGGreatview Aseptic Packaging Company Limited
1.53 B
4.6 B
1328 HKGInternational Elite Limited
603 M
1.79 B
0474 HKGHao Tian Development Group Limited
6.77 B
0572 HKGCentral Wealth Financial Group Limited
231 M
162 M
769 M
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UNIBIO GROUP Current Asset Comparison
UNIBIO GROUP is rated below average in current asset category among related companies.
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Return On Equity(11.18) %
Return On Asset(5.47) %
Profit Margin(48.47) %
Operating Margin(40.89) %
Current Valuation808.47 M
Shares Outstanding5.14 B
Price to Book1.88 times
Price to Sales7.83 times
Revenue123.36 M
Gross Profit103 M
EBITDA(18.72 M)
Net Income(59.8 M)
Cash and Equivalents110.01 M
Cash per Share0.02 times
Total Debt9.66 M
Debt to Equity0.02 times
Current Ratio3.27 times
Book Value Per Share0.10 times
Cash Flow from Operations(12.6 M)
One Year High0.28
One Year Low0.13
Earnings Per Share(0.01) times
Number of Employees289
Market Capitalization919.58 M
Total Asset557 M
Retained Earnings(241 M)
Working Capital113 M
Current Asset162 M
Current Liabilities49 M
Z Score57.0