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Total Debt Analysis

Total Debt refers to the amount of long term interest-bearing liabilities that a company carries on its balance sheet. That may include bonds sold to public, notes written to banks or capital leases. Typically, debt can help a company magnify its earnings, but the burden of interest and principle payments will eventually prevent the firm from borrow excessively.
Baja Mining 
Total Debt 
10 M

About Total Debt

In most industries, total debt may also include current portion of long-term debt. Since debt terms vary widely from one company to another, simply comparing outstanding debt obligations between different companies may not be adequate. It is usually meaningful to compare total debt amounts between companies that operate within the same sector.Compare Baja Mining to competition
Based on latest financial disclosure Baja Mining Corp has Total Debt of 10 M. This is much higher than that of the sector, and significantly higher than that of Total Debt industry, The Total Debt for all stocks is over 1000% lower than the firm.

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