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Fiscal Quarter End: December 31, 2019  

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Galapagos Book Value Per Share Analysis

Book Value per Share (B/S) is can be calculated by subtracting liabilities from assets, and then dividing it by the total number of currently outstanding shares. It indicates the level of safety associated with each common share after removing effects of liabilities. In other words a shareholder can use this ratio to see how much he or she can sell the stake in the company in the event of liquidation.
 2009 2013 2018 2019 (projected)
Revenues USD 365,339,080  121,654,938  139,903,179  168,016,617 
Revenues 317,845,000  92,226,000  106,059,900  296,650,000 
Book Value per Share 
Common Equity 
Average Shares 
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Galapagos Book Value Per Share Over Time Pattern

 Galapagos Book Value per Share 

About Book Value Per Share

The naive approach to look at Book Value per Share is to compare it to current stock price. If Book Value per Share is higher than the currently traded stock price, the company can be considered undervalued. However, investors must be aware that conventional calculation of Book Value does not include intangible assets such as good will, intellectual property, trademarks or brands and may not be an appropriate measure for many firms.
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Galapagos Book Value Per Share Assessment

Shareholders Equity
In accordance with recently published financial statements the book value per share of Galapagos NV is about 11.5474 times. This is 779.26% lower than that of the Healthcare sector, and 104.64% lower than that of Biotechnology industry, The Book Value Per Share for all stocks is 99.4% higher than the company.

Galapagos NV Fundamental Drivers Relationships

Galapagos NV is rated # 5 in shares owned by institutions category among related companies. It is rated below average in number of shares shorted category among related companies making about  58,433  of Number of Shares Shorted per Shares Owned by Institutions.

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