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Price to Book Analysis

Price to Book (P/B) ratio is used to relate a company book value to its current market price. A high P/B ratio indicates that investors expect executives to generate more returns on their investments from a given set of assets. Book value is accounting value of assets minus liabilities.
Nintendo Co 
MV Per Share 
BV Per Share 
1.51 times

About Price to Book

Price to Book ratio is mostly used in financial services industries where assets and liabilities are typically represented by dollars. Although low Price to Book ratio generally implies that the firm is undervalued, it is often a good indicator that the company may be in financial or managerial distress and should be investigated more carefully.
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Based on latest financial disclosure the price to book indicator of Nintendo Co Ltd is roughly 1.51 times. This is much higher than that of the sector, and significantly higher than that of Price to Book industry, The Price to Book for all stocks is over 1000% lower than the firm.

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Peer Comparison
Nintendo Co Price to Book Comparison
Nintendo Co is currently under evaluation in price to book category among related companies.
Return On Equity3.36 %
Return On Asset1.57 %
Profit Margin6.70 %
Operating Margin5.83 %
Current Valuation7.48 B
Shares Outstanding961.04 M
Price to Earning44.61 times
Price to Book1.51 times
Price to Sales3.09 times
Revenue4.93 B
EBITDA370.59 M
Net Income330.02 M
Cash and Equivalents7.44 B
Cash per Share7.74 times
Current Ratio6.57 times
Book Value Per Share10.47 times
Cash Flow from Operations772.36 M
One Year High25.71
One Year Low11.8
Earnings Per Share0.35 times
Price to Earnings To Growth(0.21) times
Number of Employees5.12 K
Market Capitalization14.92 B