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Total Asset Analysis

Total Asset is everything that a business owns. It is the sum of current and long-term assets owned by a firm at a given time. These assets are listed on a balance sheet and typically valued based on their purchasing prices, not the current market value.
Total Asset 
Tangible Assets 
Intangible Assets 
362.08 M
 Tesco Total Assets 
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About Total Asset

Total Asset is typically divided on the balance sheet on current asset and long-term asset. Long-term is the value of a company property, and other capital assets that are expected to be useable for more than one year. Long term assets are reported net of depreciation. On the other hand current assets are assets that are expected to be sold or converted to cash as part of normal business operation.
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Tesco Total Asset Assessment

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Based on latest financial disclosure Tesco Corporation has Total Asset of 362.08 M. This is 99.56% lower than that of the Basic Materials sector, and 94.32% lower than that of Oil and Gas Equipment and Services industry, The Total Asset for all stocks is 99.57% higher than the company.

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Tesco Total Asset Comparison
  Total Asset 
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Tesco is currently under evaluation in total asset category among related companies.
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Return On Equity(44.97) %
Return On Asset(12.17) %
Profit Margin(115.97) %
Operating Margin(56.35) %
Current Valuation253.81 M
Shares Outstanding46.4 M
Shares Owned by Insiders6.47 %
Shares Owned by Institutions78.80 %
Number of Shares Shorted4.13 M
Price to Earning83.50 times
Price to Book1.03 times
Price to Sales2.22 times
Revenue151.67 M
Gross Profit(16.9 M)
EBITDA(52.96 M)
Net Income(175.89 M)
Cash and Equivalents94.22 M
Cash per Share2.03 times
Total Debt7 K
Current Ratio7.41 times
Book Value Per Share7.07 times
Cash Flow from Operations(12.03 M)
Short Ratio30.96 times
One Year High9.77
One Year Low5.13
Earnings Per Share(4.26) times
Price to Earnings To Growth(0.61) times
Number of Employees1.2 K
Market Capitalization341.07 M
Total Asset362.08 M
Retained Earnings29.29 M
Working Capital200.68 M
Current Asset231.98 M
Current Liabilities31.31 M
Z Score29234.4