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VRTX -- USA Stock  

Fiscal Quarter End: March 31, 2020  

Price to Book Value is likely to drop to 10.66 in 2020. Vertex Pharmaceuticals price to book fundamental analysis lookup allows you to check this and other indicators for Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorpor or any other equity instrument. You can also select from a set of available indicators by clicking on the link to the right. Please note, not all equities are covered by this module due to inconsistencies in global equity categorizations. Please continue to Equity Screeners to view more equity screening tools

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Price to Book Analysis

Price to Book (P/B) ratio is used to relate a company book value to its current market price. A high P/B ratio indicates that investors expect executives to generate more returns on their investments from a given set of assets. Book value is accounting value of assets minus liabilities.
 2017 2018 2019 2020 (projected)
Receivables310.25 M414.87 M633.52 M683.53 M
Inventories111.83 M124.36 M167.5 M180.73 M
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated engages in developing and commercializing therapies for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Vertex Pharmaceuticals operates under Biotechnology classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 3000 people.
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 Vertex Pharmaceuticals Price to Book Value 

About Price to Book

Price to Book ratio is mostly used in financial services industries where assets and liabilities are typically represented by dollars. Although low Price to Book ratio generally implies that the firm is undervalued, it is often a good indicator that the company may be in financial or managerial distress and should be investigated more carefully.
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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Price to Book Assessment

Book Value per Share
Based on latest financial disclosure the price to book indicator of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorpor is roughly 10.66 times. This is 58.49% lower than that of the Healthcare sector, and 76.49% higher than that of Biotechnology industry, The Price to Book for all stocks is 12.09% lower than the firm.

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