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CVR Energy One Year Low vs. One Year Low

CVR Energy Inc is rated below average in one year low category among related companies. It is rated fifth in profit margin category among related companies fabricating about  0.13  of Profit Margin per One Year Low. The ratio of One Year Low to Profit Margin for CVR Energy Inc is roughly  8.00 
One Year Low is the lowest price that a given equity instrument has reached in the last 52 weeks. In other words it is the lowest price that investors were willing to pay for the asset over the past 52 weeks of trading. Year Low can be used as a naive indicator of how a given equity may perform over longer term investment horizon.

CVR Energy

One Year Low


Lowest Price in the Last 52 Weeks

Some investors believe that One Year Low is a good indicator of how the value of a stock is elastic during the trading year. It offers a good prospective on equity performance compared to trading within industry, sector, category or even the entire stock market. For example, if a stock is at its One Year Low with local stock market index is not at its One Year Low, that stock is said to be under-performing the market. On the other hand if the price of a stock is reached a new One Year Low, an investor may interpret it as a turning point and trade the instrument away or go short.
Profit Margin measures overall efficiency of a company and shows its ability to withstand competition as well as defend against adverse conditions such as rising costs, falling prices, decline in sales or management distress. Profit margin tells investors how well the company executes on its overall pricing strategies as well as how effective the company in controlling its costs.

CVR Energy

Profit Margin


Net Income




4.13 %
In a nutshell, Profit Margin indicator shows the amount of money the company makes from total sales or revenue. It can provide a good insight into companies in the same sector, as well as help to identify trends of a company from year to year.
CVR Energy is rated fourth in profit margin category among related companies.
CVR Energy is rated below average in one year low category among related companies.
CVR Energy Inc
USA Stock
Currency: USD - US Dollar
Traded on New York Stock Exchange
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