Alphabet Gross Profit vs. Cash and Equivalents

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Alphabet Cash and Equivalents vs. Gross Profit Fundamental Analysis

Alphabet is rated # 4 in gross profit category among related companies. It is rated # 4 in cash and equivalents category among related companies creating about  1.58  of Cash and Equivalents per Gross Profit.
Gross Profit is the most basic measure of business operational efficiency. It is simply the difference between sales revenue and the cost associated with making a product or providing a service. It is calculated before deducting administrative expenses, taxes, and interest payments.
Gross Profit 
Cost of Revenue 
65.27 B
Gross Profit varies significantly from one sector to another and tells investor how much money a business would have made if it didn't have to pay any overhead expenses such as salary, taxes, or rent.
Cash or Cash Equivalents are the most liquid of all assets found on company's balance sheet. It is used in calculating many of the firm's liquidity ratios and is a good indicator of overall financial health of a company. Companies with a lot of cash are usually attractive takeover targets. Cash Equivalents are balance sheet items that are typically reported using currency printed on notes.
Bank Deposits 
102.88 B
Cash equivalents represent current assets that are easily convertible to cash such as short term bonds, savings account, money market funds, or certificate of deposits (CDs). One of the important consideration companies make when classifying assets as cash equivalent is that investments they report on their balance sheets under current assets should have almost no risk of change in value over the next few months (usually 3 months).

Alphabet Cash and Equivalents Comparison

  Cash and Equivalents 
      Alphabet Comparables 
Alphabet is rated # 3 in cash and equivalents category among related companies.
  Gross Profit 
      Alphabet Comparables 
Alphabet is rated # 3 in gross profit category among related companies.