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Ashley ReidIE00B4LV9021Russell UK Equity Plus RMoney Manager2008
Andrew KeirlePRELXT Rowe Price Emerg Mkts Lcl Ccy BdMoney Manager2011
Andrew SuzmanIGIFXAmerican Funds Intl Gr And Inc F1Money Manager2008
Alexander ThorndikeVEXPXVanguard Explorer InvMoney Manager2008
Andre Köttner849105UniGlobalMoney Manager2007
Alexander ZavratskyFTCEXFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity CMoney Manager2011
Andre KöttnerA0M80NUniGlobal IMoney Manager2007
Arvind SachdevaVVFGXVictory Value RMoney Manager2005
Andrew DierdorfFLIFXFidelity Freedom Index 2015 WMoney Manager2009
Andrew DierdorfFIIWXFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2040 IMoney Manager2009
Andrew LeesFGLDXInvesco Gold Precious Metals InvstorMoney Manager2008
Andrew DierdorfFFTWXFidelity Freedom 2025Money Manager2011
Andrew DierdorfFATWXFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 AMoney Manager2011
Andrew DierdorfFKTWXFidelity Freedom K 2025Money Manager2011
Alexander GrantRETCXRS TaxExempt CMoney Manager1993
Anthony UrsilloSTPIXSaratoga Technology Comm IMoney Manager2011
Andrew LeesIENBXInvesco Energy BMoney Manager2008
Alan GilstonOTWCXOppenheimer Transition 2020 CMoney Manager2009
Afroz QadeerMHFIXEquinox MutualHedge Futures Strategy IMoney Manager2013
Alejandro SantamaríaBKGESTINABIEBankinter Gestin Abierta FIMoney Manager2003
Arthur JohnsonMUNDXMundovalMoney Manager2004
Alex Grispos0934671CF Ruffer Equity General O AccMoney Manager2007
Adam FriedmanMUGCXMunder Large Cap Value CMoney Manager2012
A RaoOALGXOptimum Large Cap Growth AMoney Manager2010
Andrew PiddenWRMSXDWS Clean Technology SMoney Manager2011
Alan GilstonOTHCXOppenheimer Transition 2030 CMoney Manager2009
Anwiti BahugunaCSAIXCredit Suisse Managed Futs Strat IMoney Manager2010
Alfonso MaglioIT0000388535AcomeA Europa A1Money Manager2010
Andrew ThelenNAWIXING International Value Equity IMoney Manager2012
Adam KutasFEMBXFidelity Advisor EMEA BMoney Manager2008
Axel Trescher977268UBS 3 Sector Real Estate EuropeMoney Manager2005
Audrey Ryan0745088Kames Ethical Equity B AccMoney Manager1998
Andrew DierdorfFRQAXFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2030 AMoney Manager2009
Arthur HurleyCRECXColumbia Real Estate Equity CMoney Manager2006
Alexander IlyasovUHPSXProFunds UltraShort China ServiceMoney Manager2009
Anna DopkinPACOXT Rowe Price Capital Opportunity AdvMoney Manager2007
Alan BerroAAETXAmerican Funds 2030 Trgt Date Retire AMoney Manager2007
Adrian VazquezSCOTLPGIISCOTLPG IIMoney Manager2011
Alec PerkinsJVSIXPerkins Select Value IMoney Manager2013
Andrew DierdorfFIOTXFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2026 TMoney Manager2009

Alpha Finder
Use alpha and beta coefficients to find investment opportunities after accounting for the risk
Find Alpha
Equity Screener
Evaluate performance of over 100,000 Stocks, Funds, and ETFs against different fundamentals, sectors and families
Research Equities
Insiders Screener
Find insiders across different sectors to evaluate their impact on performance and growth of their entities
Research Insiders
Macroaxis Daily Picks
Macroaxis daily selection of potential investment opportunities
Check Daily Picks
Watchlist Analysis
Before comparing or considering investments, it is better to perform a risk-adjusted return calculation that will adjust the returns according to how risky the investments are.
Analize Watchlist
Correlations Analysis
An investor can reduce portfolio risk simply by holding instruments which are not perfectly correlated. Correlation analysis module will build a two-dimensional matrix that shows correlation coefficient between pairs of securities. The cells in the table are color-coded to highlight significantly positive and negative relationships.
Run Correlations