An IT company that is priced significantly below industry average and yet earnings are strong.

  over six months ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Formula Systems is a global IT company.  The company provides services and software solutions for IT professional services.  The company’s stock is trading at $38.76 and their market capitalization is $570 million.  

Along with many companies during 2014, revenue declined a great deal.  The economy was faltering in the United States and arou... [more]

 hype services   formula systems business services

The industry and sector averages for P/E and other metrics is into the 30s, but this stock is only at 7.91.  There are a few metrics that this company falls short in.  And, yet, the earnings are firm and growing.  Smaller companies often get left behind when there is a big move, such as what we saw over the past several 

Tyson Foods Inc
  over six months ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Tyson Foods (TSN) is the processor of chicken, beef, pork as well as other food products.  Most of us in one way or another have purchased their products as they are in nea...

 hype food   tyson foods consumer food manufacturers food products
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Gabriel Shpitalnik

Did your neighbor claim she will relocate to Canada and sell all her investments if Trump wins the elections?  Although there are plenty of radicals around, many investors ...

 hype goverment   macroaxis
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Achuva Shats

With the latest announcement from the FBI that U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had again been cleared of any wrongdoing in her handling ...

 hype goverment   macroaxis
Altaba Inc
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Gabriel Shpitalnik

While FBI Investigators are searching for the evidence of so called classified information on the personal laptops of public officials, should you be concern about the security ...

 hype goverment   altaba it search cloud and integrated it services

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