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Amazon story

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Amazon Inc

United States USD
Use Amazon Inc story within your existing portfolios mixed with equities fromn NASDAQ to enhance returns of your portfolios as well as to determine Stock diversification method that is right for you.  
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Amazon is rated below average in shares owned by insiders category among related companies.
Shares Owned by Insiders show percentage of outstanding shares owned by insiders (such as key officers or members of the board of directors) or private individuals and entities with over 5% of the total shares outstanding. Company executives or private individuals with access to insider information share information about a firm's operations that is not available to the general public.

Amazon Related Equities

 Canada ATV   9.09 % Macroaxis: change 9.09 Moved Up  
 United States DLIA   5.26 % Macroaxis: change 5.26 Moved Up  
 United States VVTV   3.62 % Macroaxis: change 3.62 Moved Up  
 United States OSTK   3.62 % Macroaxis: change 3.62 Moved Up  
 United States MELI   1.78 % Macroaxis: change 1.78 Moved Up  
 United States ATV   0.67 % Macroaxis: 0.67 Moved Up  
 United States LINTA   0.51 % Macroaxis: 0.51 Moved Up  
 United States AMZN   0.38 % Macroaxis: 0.38 Moved Up  
 United States GAIA   1.80 % Macroaxis: change 1.8 Moved Down  
 United States LQDT   1.91 % Macroaxis: change 1.91 Moved Down  
 United States GPDB   2.00 % Macroaxis: change 2.0 Moved Down  
 United States PBFI   14.29 % Macroaxis: change 14.29 Moved Down  
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