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By Nathan Young

Chipotle continues to survive despite the numerous public relation nightmares that have plagued the company in recent months. This company is in the fast food industry and specializes in a simple menu with burrito or burrito bowl options, allowing customers to enter and exit quickly. They also focus on healthy and clean food choices to give their customers the best options possible.

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Chipotle Is Under Pressure to Perform as Their Public Image Issue Mount

The focus now for investors should be the impact on sales these negative stories are going to have. Upholding the image of clean and healthy options is slowly beginning to fade and this could impact not only sales, but also the returns investors are expecting from this once explosive company. Down nearly eighteen percent year to date, the company has struggled to give investors reason to get excited.

Sales alone shouldn’t be the worry, but you have to step back and look at the shifting landscape of the fast food industry. Companies are always coming and going, and right now it feels people have shifted their attention away from Chipotle. Certainly people go there, but the buzz it was generating has substantially subsided from pervious years. There are no names that stand out as Chipotle did, but that can change as a matter of second. Keep in mind too there are brands that seem timeless such as McDonalds.  

Chipotle is one more large scale sanitation issue from losing a large enough market share that investors and customer may not want to touch the company. The only way to protect yourself would be to lessen your exposure to the stock, pull out all together, or look for a hedging strategy that utilizes options. Either way, this stock is certainly an anchor in many portfolios as it has severely underperformed the market.  

If you find Chipotle appealing or even at a discounted price, dive deep into the financials. There may be value hiding underneath this not so perfect exterior, which gives you more reason to believe in a once dominant company. There continues to be several attempts at integrating more menu options but it will take time before the market speaks to whether or not it agrees with changes. Until then, Chipotle continues to sell burritos to many hungry people and will do so until a greater force comes in and alters the course. Stay abreast of any news and quarterly numbers as this will give you the best insight to the company.

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