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Macroaxis does not monitor all media channels or aggregates social signals for United States. But even though we do not provide professional-grade financial sentiment analysis on United States Short, we do publish noise-free headlines that can be used to derive useful patterns or even a trading strategy for United States. Additionally see United States Hype Analysis, United States Correlation and United States Performance
Are Cagey Traders Interested in Shares of United States Short Oil Fund, LP
Moving -2.13 percent from the previous session and touching 68.58 on a recent trade, shares of United States Short Oil Fund, LP have been on a number of investor watchlists of late. United States Short Oil Fund LP Tracking the Indicators - Danville Daily United States Short Oil Fund LP Seeing Increased Action in Session - Davidson Register

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This article from flbcnews.com published on 13 of September contributed to the next trading period closing price depreciation.The overall trading delta to the next next day price was 0.69% . The trading price change when the story was published to current price is 4.85% .

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Petrobras and Chevron Is Big Oil Still a Big Deal
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International oil-producing giants Petroleo Brasileiro and Chevron may have gone as far as they can go in with middling prices for crude.
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United States Short Oil Fund LP UO Reading Under 40 for These Shares
Monitoring the levels for United States Short Oil Fund LP , we have made a note that the UO level is presently below 40.
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Traders Keeping United States Short Oil Fund LP on Close Watch As Shares ...
Shares of United States Short Oil Fund LP are moving on volatility today 0.59 percent or 0.40 from the open. The NYSE listed company saw a recent bid of 68.25 and 5056 shares have traded hands in the session. United States Oil Fund LP Short Interest Up 5.5 percent in August - Week Herald United States Oil Fund LP Saw -139.38M Redemptions Amid -5.79 percent AUM Decrease - Finance News Daily

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Cash Flow from Operations Comparative Analysis
  Cash Flow from Operations 
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United States is currently under evaluation in cash flow from operations as compared to similar ETFs. Operating Cash Flow reveals the quality of a company's reported earnings and is calculated by deducting company's income taxes from earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA). In other words, Operating Cash Flow refers to the amount of cash a firm generates from the sales or products or from rendering services. Operating Cash Flow typically excludes costs associated with long-term investments or investment in marketable securities and is usually used by investor or analyst to check on the quality of a company earnings.