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By Nathan Young

June 12, 2017

The spinning top technical pattern is one of the more easier ones to identify, meaning there are not many preceding patters to watch or after patters to look for. Searching for the spinning top is simply looking for a trend reversal in the current market you are analyzing.

Spinning Top

A spinning top is when the candle begins and ends very close to the same price. Also, you will notice the shadows on either end of the candle are a bit long, giving it the appearance of a spinning top. In a bullish trend, you will see that the market might reverse if there are several bullish days and then a spinning top candle, which could indicate indifference in the market place. Same is true for the bearish trend about to turn bullish.

Of course, as with other technical indicators, this does not always indicate a trend change, but it is a place to start and that means you will have enough time to research the necessary information to make an informed decision. The spinning top should also be watch with volume levels as well because volume indicates how many people are participating in the move. If the spinning top has high volume, this could mean that more people are interesting in the stock at that particular price level.

You also have to look at the fundamental data and ensure there are no number coming out or data set to be released that could have an impact on the stock that is unrelated to technical analysis. Being aware of your surroundings market wise is key and can give you a slight edge in your overall investing.

In order to get a better grasp on how people implement the spinning top analysis, join an investing community and ask them questions, figuring out if this is right for you. Not every analysis tool is meant for everyone and that is fine, but the fact you have this in your arsenal will allow you to become a well-versed trader and investor. Be sure to test this on a demo account first, that way you are not paying for your mistakes but rather learning.

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