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By Nathan Young

June 22, 2017

There are many different trading patterns out there and it is important to find the one that fits you. Matching low is a wonderful pattern to use if you are searching for a potential bottom in the market.

Matching Low

Matching low is when there is a bear candle, it does not matter the length of the body or wick, and the proceeding day there is another bear candle, but the bottom wick is the same as the previous day, hence the name matching low. This is a popular sighting as many markets tend to make matching lows. 

Now, the matching low may indicate a few things, first of which is that the market believes that is the low and the buyer have stepped in twice at that price level to push price higher. What you also should be considering during this pattern formation is the volume compare to the days around it.

Another reason there could be a matching low is that the short sellers have their take profits around the same area, indicating there is a general consensus in the market that buyers are likely to step in around that price area. You can also tell price looking at level two orders and see how much buying and selling is going on. Also, look at the flow of money and see how much of it is buying versus how much is selling.

When this pattern forms, it should be an indication that the market may be changing directions back to the upside. Be sure to look at the fundamental data as well to ensure that this matching low is accurate.

Pattern formations are a great way to boost your technical investing and trading, but as with anything, it is not one hundred percent accurate and should be used with caution. Join an investing and trading community to see how people are using this pattern in their analysis and adapt it to what you are doing. Be sure to test this on a demo account first to fully understand what is happening before going live. The matching low is a wonderful pattern to look for if you are looking for a bottom and want to enter the market.

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