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By Nathan Young

July 14, 2017

The Belt Hold candlestick pattern is one of the more recognizeable candle patterns and it only uses one candle compared to others that need several to confirm a potential move in the market.

Belt hold

Let us first start off with stating what the pattern is. The Belt Hold candlestick pattern works in both trends and occurs when there is an uptrend or downtrend and a large candle in the opposite direction occur and the body is large with little to no wick on either side of the candle.

Let us begin with an upward trend example. The market fist has to be going upwards with multiple bullish candles in a row. After that occurs and the trend may be stalling, a large bearish candle has to then form not going to high above the open and closing at the lows of the day. This indicates first that the bulls were hardly in control for the day and that secondly the bears put pressure on the equity for the entire day. You also have to look at volume because if volume is high, that means there could have been a lot of bears in the market.

The same is true for a stock that is in a bearish trend and the bulls step in and take control of the market. You have to be cautious because if there is a large move on light volume, this could indicate that there may not have many bulls in the market.

There is technology out there that can help pinpoint stocks that have created this stock pattern and that can help narrow a search for you if you are looking to find this particular pattern. Be going live, test his on a demo account and see if it fits your current trading style. Price moves for a variety of reasons so understand all sides of the coin.

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