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By Nathan Young

July 17, 2017

There are many times within a chart where the market begins to lose its direction bias and traders are left wondering where the chart may go. The high wave candlestick pattern is a candle pattern that lets traders know there is indecision in the market at the present time.

High Wave Candle

A high wave candlestick patter is defined as a candle that has a small body and large upper and lower wicks on the candle. This indicates that there is volatility in the market and that price is unsure where to go given the smaller body, meaning trading began and stopped around the same spot for the time period.

As a trader, this can mean a few things starting with the ability to make quick profits if the market is unsure where to do. With large swings in the trading period, traders and speculate and potentially profit off the wild moves both up and down.

Secondly, this could mean the market has reached a decision point that could drive it for quite some time when the market makes up their mind. As a longer-term investor, this is crucial because if the market begins to take it in the opposite direction of your interests, you could think about exiting your position or hedging.

These candles are easy to spot due to their long wicks and small bodies compared to a trend candle. Be sure to test this on a demo account and this pattern should be used as a trigger to take a closer look at the equity being observed. The Internet has many tools out there and this could be something to give you the edge in your current trading setup.

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