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By Nathan Young

Google is in the news for a memo that was released, essentially stating there are biased opinions still in the company. For a large company such as Google, this is a public relations nightmare because it is such a sensitive subject. Companies such as this want to keep clean in the public image, but this brings up a good point on ethical investing. There are companies out there that may not be making their money the same way you agree with, and this begs the question of should you be looking at more than just the number.

Google and the Memo That Has People up in Arms Could Be An Issue

There are funds out there that people invest in and the funds job is to find green companies or ethical companies, as more and more people begin looking at ethical companies. As people say, only invest in what you know, and if you know ethics very well you should find a company that stands with you in what you believe.

Now, you have to define what ethics you are referring too. It could be ethics in general or something specific to the environment. In that case, you want to be cautious of oil or power companies as they may have practices you are not in complete agreement with.

Another example could be the beverage companies and how they option the water for their bottled water. You may be surprised at how that water is extracted and what it does to the surrounding towns and environment. Be sure to completely understand what the business is doing and ensure if you are going to invest on ethics that it fits with your beliefs.

How you can do this is by looking at the SEC filings and listen to the conference calls. Also, there are many information streams out there that are investigative and can unearth issues that the company may be trying to hide out of the public eye. This is a growing niche market and it may continue to grow and the generations change.

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