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Most accounts from Digimarc cash flow statement are interrelated and interconnected. However, analyzing cash flow statement accounts one by one will only give a small insight into Digimarc current financial condition. On the other hand, looking into the entire matrix of cash flow statement accounts, and analyzing their relationships over time can provide a more complete picture of the company financial strength now and in the future. Additionally see Digimarc Valuation and Digimarc Correlation analysis.
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Correlation analysis and pair trading evaluation for Digimarc and Gartner. Pair trading can be used as a hedging technique within a particular sector or industry or even over random equities to generate better risk-adjusted return
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Additionally see Digimarc Valuation and Digimarc Correlation analysis. Please also try Focused Opportunities module to build portfolios using our predefined set of ideas and optimize them against your investing preferences.