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Epsilon Accumulation Distribution

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Epsilon Energy Ltd has current Accumulation Distribution of 642.5. The accumulation distribution (A/D) indicator shows the degree to which Epsilon is accumulated by the market over a given period. It uses the quote sensitivity to the highest or lowest daily price of Epsilon Energy Ltd to determine if accumulation or reduction is taking place in the market. This value is adjusted by Epsilon trading volume to give more weight to distributions with higher volume over lower volume.
Previous Epsilon Accumulation Distribution  Previous Accumulation DistributionAccumulation DistributionTrend
26.36642.5Epsilon Accumulation Distribution trend up
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Epsilon Trading Date Momentum

On April 22 2014 Epsilon Energy Ltd was traded for 3.87  at the closing time. The maximum traded price for the trading interval was 3.87  and the lowest daily price was  3.81 . The daily volume was recorded at 1.7 K. The volume of trading on April 22, 2014 did not affect price variability. The overall trading delta to the closing price today is 1.29% .
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Accumulation distribution indicator can signal that a trend is either nearing completion, at a continuation, or is about to break-outs. The actual value of this indicator is of no significance. What is significant is the change in value of over time. The formula for A/D of a given trading day can be expressed as follow: ((Close - Low) - (High - Close)) / (High - Low) X Volume
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Epsilon Energy Ltd
Canada Stock
Currency: CAD - Canadian Dollar
Traded on Toronto Stock Exchange

Epsilon Technical Analysis

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All Epsilon Market Strength Events

Accumulation Distribution642.5
Daily Balance Of Power0.6667
Rate Of Daily Change1.01
Day Median Price3.88
Day Typical Price3.89
Market Facilitation Index0.0
Price Action Indicator0.05
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Epsilon Risk Indicators

Mean Deviation1.65
Semi Deviation1.79
Standard Deviation2.33
Downside Variance4.31
Semi Variance3.21
Expected Short fall(2.57)