Wells Fargo Value At Risk

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Wells Fargo Company has current Value At Risk of (1.13). Value At Risk (or VAR) is statistical technique used to measure the level of financial risk of investment instrument over a specific time frame. It is a widely used measure of the risk of loss on a specific investing instrument.
Wells Fargo 
Value At Risk 
ER[a] x N 
ER[a] =   Expected return on investing in Wells Fargo
STD =   Standard Deviation of Wells Fargo
N =   Number of points for the period
Z-SCORE =   Number of standard deviations above or below the mean

Wells Fargo Company is rated second in value at risk category among related companies. It is rated below average in maximum drawdown category among related companies .
Value At Risk is used by risk managers in order to measure and control the level of risk which the firm undertakes. The risk manager job is to ensure that risks are not taken beyond the level at which the firm can absorb the losses of a probable worst outcome. VAR can be defined as the loss level that will not be exceeded with a certain confidence level during a certain period of time.
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NameWells Fargo Company
InstrumentUSA Stock
ExchangeNew York Stock Exchange
Analyst ConsensusBuy 20 Opinions
Risk-adjusted AdviceHold Fairly Valued
Average Bond RatingA Strong
CurrencyUSD - US Dollar
DescriptionWells Fargo Company offer retail commercial and corporate banking services to individuals businesses and institutions. more
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