Zion Total Assets from 2010 to 2024

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Zion Oil Total Assets are increasing over the last several years with slightly volatile swings. Total Assets are predicted to flatten to about 30.8 M. During the period from 2010 to 2024 Zion Oil Gas Total Assets regressed destribution of quarterly values had coefficient of variationof 57.43 and r-squared of  0.27. At this time, Zion Oil's Weighted Average Shares is most likely to increase significantly in the upcoming years. The Zion Oil's current Weighted Average Shares Diluted is estimated to increase to about 581.5 M, while Earning Before Interest and Taxes EBIT is projected to decrease to (50.8 M).
Check Zion Oil financial statements over time to gain insight into future company performance. You can evaluate financial statements to find patterns among Zion main balance sheet or income statement drivers, such as Interest Expense of 40.1 K, Operating Expenses of 64.3 M or Selling General and Administrative Expense of 6.9 M, as well as many exotic indicators such as Book Value per Share of 0.0453, Current Ratio of 1.08 or Debt to Equity Ratio of 0.33. Zion financial statements analysis is a perfect complement when working with Zion Oil Valuation or Volatility modules.
This module can also supplement various Zion Oil Technical models . Check out Your Current Watchlist to better understand how to build diversified portfolios. Also, note that the market value of any OTC Stock could be tightly coupled with the direction of predictive economic indicators such as signals in american community survey.

Zion Total Assets Breakdown

Showing smoothed Total Assets of Zion Oil Gas with missing and latest data points interpolated. Total assets refers to the total amount of Zion Oil assets owned. Assets are items that have some economic value and are expended over time to create a benefit for the owner. These assets are usually recorded in Zion Oil Gas books under different categories such as cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable,prepaid expenses, inventory, fixed assets, intangible assets, other assets, marketable securities, accounts receivable, prepaid expenses and others. Sum of the carrying amounts as of the balance sheet date of all assets that are recognized. Major components are Cash and Equivalents; Investments; [Intangibles]; Property Plant and Equipment Net; [TaxAssets] and Trade and Non Trade Receivables. Zion Oil's Total Assets historical data analysis aims to capture in quantitative terms the overall pattern of either growth or decline in Zion Oil's overall financial position and show how it may be relating to other accounts over time.
ViewLast Reported 63.43 M10 Years Trend
Slightly volatile
   Total Assets   

Zion Total Assets Regression Statistics

Arithmetic Mean24,964,061
Geometric Mean21,820,578
Coefficient Of Variation57.43
Mean Deviation10,758,206
Standard Deviation14,336,679

Zion Total Assets History

202430.8 M
202331.6 M
202227.5 M
202163.4 M
202043.5 M
201918.7 M
201812.5 M
201733.5 M
201611.7 M
201510.4 M
201411.9 M

About Zion Oil Financial Statements

There are typically three primary documents that fall into the category of financial statements. These documents include Zion Oil income statement, its balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. Zion Oil investors use historical funamental indicators, such as Zion Oil's Total Assets, to determine how well the company is positioned to perform in the future. Although Zion Oil investors may use each financial statement separately, they are all related. The changes in Zion Oil's assets and liabilities, for example, are also reflected in the revenues and expenses that we see on Zion Oil's income statement, which results in the company's gains or losses. Cash flows can provide more information regarding cash listed on a balance sheet, but not equivalent to net income shown on the income statement. We offer a historical overview of the basic patterns found on Zion Oil Financial Statements. Understanding these patterns can help to make the right decision on long term investment in Zion Oil. Please read more on our technical analysis and fundamental analysis pages.
Last ReportedProjected for 2024
Total Assets31.6 M30.8 M
Average Assets68.9 M74.4 M

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Other Consideration for investing in Zion OTC Stock

If you are still planning to invest in Zion Oil Gas check if it may still be traded through OTC markets such as Pink Sheets or OTC Bulletin Board. You may also purchase it directly from the company, but this is not always possible and may require contacting the company directly. Please note that delisted stocks are often considered to be more risky investments, as they are no longer subject to the same regulatory and reporting requirements as listed stocks. Therefore, it is essential to carefully research the Zion Oil's history and understand the potential risks before investing.
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