IMG Wealth Management, Inc

User TypeAdvisor
Entity NameIMG Wealth Management, Inc
Member since10/03/2017
SEC Registration #CRD# 285966
Minimum Invetsment Required0.0
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IMG Wealth Management, Inc is a registered investment advisor in the State of Florida, serving high net-worth individuals and institutions. The firm’s team of financial advisors and investment managers operate in a fiduciary capacity to serve the best interests of its clients. Services are offered on a fee-based and flat-fee schedule, and are tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives.

The foundation of our investment philosophy is built on time and research tested investment and economic principles. But our secret sauce is to always ask “why?” Instead of trying to find the information that confirms our current investment strategy, we are continuously trying to find the information that might reveal where we’re wrong.

Financial markets are more like a living organism than the pages of a book. What works one month, or year, or decade, may be totally ineffective the next. So, while it feels good to be right, willfully blinding one’s self to how they might be wrong tends to end poorly when it comes to investments. Although we invest to meet objectives, which usually entails intermediate to long-term investments, we always want to be able to explain and justify why we are invested the way we are at any given point in time.   

Please visit our website at for more information. 

Contact Details

LocationJacksonville, Florida
Address8771 Perimeter Park Ct, Suite 102
Postal Code32216
CountryUnited States
Web Site

Fee Structure

$250,000 - $500,000: 1.50%

$500,001 - $1 Million: 1.00%

$1 Million - $5 Million: $10,000/Annual Flat Fee

Greater than $5 Million: Negotiated Flat Fee

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IARD    Investment Adviser Registration Depository
FINRA    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
AAFM    American Academy of Financial Management
CFP    Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
FPA    Financial Planning Association

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