AAgilent TechnologiesStock
YAlleghany CorporationStock
AMECXThe Income Fund Of America ClaFund
GCEAXAB Cap Fund Inc AB Global CFund
GCECXAB Cap Fund Inc AB Global CFund
AMDWXAmana Developing World FundFund
AMDVXAmerican Century Mid Cap ValueFund
AMDRXAmerican Beacon Mid Cap Value Fund
AMDLYAmada Holdings Ltd ADROTC Stock
SMGAHXADT 1858 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
SMGAIXADT 1871 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
SMGAJXADT 1893 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
SMGAKXADT 1908 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
SMGALXADT 1931 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
SMGAMXADT 1942 Bahl Gaynor Smig SmFund
AMDDWSintx Technologies Inc WT Exp OTC Stock
AMDCXAMIDEX35 Israel Mutual Fund ClFund
GCEYXAB Cap Fund Inc AB Global CFund
AMDEXAMIDEX35 Israel Mutual FundFund
AMFCXAmerican Mutual Fund Class C SFund
AMFFXAmerican Mutual Fund Class F 1Fund
AMFEXAAMA Equity FundFund
RNCCXAmerican Funds Conservative GrFund
AMFAXASG Managed Futures Strategy FFund
DIVAAGFiQ Hedged Dividend Income FEtf
DIVOAmplify CWP Enhanced Dividend Etf
AMEIXAmerican Century Equity GrowthFund
AMEFXThe Income Fund Of America ClaFund
AMGGFAlamos GoldStock
AAAlcoa CorporationStock
ABAllianceBernstein Holding L PStock
ACAssociated Capital GroupStock
AEAdams Resources EnergyStock
AFAstoria Financial CorpStock
AGFirst Majestic Silver CorpStock
AIArlington Asset Investment CorStock
ALAir Lease CorporationStock
AMAntero Midstream CorporationStock
APAmpco Pittsburgh CorporationStock
AQAquantia CorpStock
ARAntero Resources CorporationStock
ATAtlantic Power CorporationStock
AUAngloGold Ashanti LimitedStock
AXAxos FinancialStock
AYAtlantica Yield PlcStock
CDAvis Budget GroupStock
DVAdtalem Global EducationStock
AMGAXAlger Mid Cap Growth Fund ClasFund
AMGCXAlger Mid Cap Growth Fund ClasFund
GYAerojet Rocketdyne HoldingsStock
IFAberdeen Indonesia Fund Inc CoStock
JGAurora Mobile LimitedStock
IKSTXAmerican Independence Kansas TFund
MOAltria GroupStock
MTArcelor Mittal NY Registry ShaStock
AMFZX361 Managed Futures Strategy FFund
AMFPFAmplifon Spa MilanoOTC Stock
AMFQX361 Managed Futures Strategy FFund
RNGFXAmerican Funds The New EconomFund
AMFNXASG Managed Futures Strategy FFund
RNGBXAmerican Funds The New EconomFund
RNGAXAmerican Funds The New EconomFund
RNGEXAmerican Funds The New EconomFund
RNGCXAmerican Funds The New EconomFund
AMFIXAAMA Income FundFund
AMHIXAmerican Fds American HighFund
AHT-PHAshford Hospitality Trust Inc Stock
AHT-PIAshford Hospitality Trust Inc Stock
AHT-PAAshford Hospitality TrustStock
AHT-PDAshford Hospitality Trust Inc Stock
AHT-PEAshford Hospitality TrustStock
AHT-PFAshford Hospitality Trust Inc Stock
AHT-PGAshford Hospitality Trust Inc Stock
AMGOXAlger Portfolios Alger Mid CaFund
AMGIXAmerican Century Income GrowtFund
AMH-DAmerican Homes 4 Rent AmhPdStock
AMH-EAmerican Homes 4 Rent AmhPeStock
AMH-FAmerican Homes 4 Rent AmhPfStock
AMH-GAmerican Homes 4 Rent AmhPgStock
AMH-HAmerican Homes 4 Rent AmhPhStock
AMIGFAdmiral Group PlcOTC Stock
TEBCXAmerican Fds The Tax Exempt BFund
AMIGXAmana Growth Fund InstitutionaFund
AMIDXAmana Developing World Fund InFund
AMHYXInvesco High Yield Fund Class Fund
DMDVAAM SP Developed Markets HighEtf
TECCXAmerican Funds Tax Exempt FundFund
CDBCXAmerican Century Diversified BFund
TEAFXAmerican Fds The Tax Exempt BoFund
AMJGXAmerican Century Multi Asset IFund
AMJIXAmerican Century Multi Asset IFund
AMJCXMulti Asset Income Fund C ClaFund
VALQAmerican Century STOXX U S QuaEtf
AMJAXMulti Asset Income Fund A ClaFund

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