Gabriel Shpitalnik

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Gabriel is a young entrepreneur and writes predominantly on the business, technology, and finance sector. He likes to analyze different equity instruments across a wide range of industries focusing primary on consumer products and evolving technologies.
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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Gabriel Shpitalnik

Did your neighbor claim she will relocate to Canada and sell all her investments if Trump wins the elections?  Although there are plenty of radicals around, many investors ...

 hype goverment   macroaxis
Altaba Inc
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Gabriel Shpitalnik

While FBI Investigators are searching for the evidence of so called classified information on the personal laptops of public officials, should you be concern about the security ...

 hype goverment   altaba it search cloud and integrated it services
Visa Inc
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Gabriel Shpitalnik

It has been now over seven years since Visa’s unprecedented IPO sent waves of good vibes to then struggling fintech of pre-bubble financial markets and a...

 advice finance   visa services business services financial credit services

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