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Wells Fargo financial leverage is the degree to which the firm utilises its fixed-income securities. Companies with high leverage are usually considered to be at financial risk. Wells Fargo financial risk is the risk to Wells Fargo stockholders that is caused by an increase in debt. In other words with a high degree of financial leverage come high interest payments which usually reduces Earnings Per Share (EPS). Check out the analysis of Wells Fargo Fundamentals Over Time.

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Wells Fargo Total Debt is expected to increase significantly based on the last few years of reporting. The past year's Total Debt was at 316.67 Billion. The current year Issuance Repayment of Debt Securities is expected to grow to about 52.9 B, whereas Long Term Debt is expected to decline to about 199.4 B.

  Wells Fargo Quarterly Debt to Equity Ratio

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Wells Fargo 94974BFG0 1.5% 01/16/2018 Corporate Bond  
Very Firm
Macroaxis Rating
CUSIP Number94974BFG0
Equity ISIN CodeUS9497461015
Bond Issue ISIN CodeUS94974BFG05
S&P Rating
Maturity Date01/16/2018
Issuance Date12/26/2012
Coupon1.5 %
Reference Treasury Coupon0.875 %
Is Bond ConvertibleNo
Is Bond Callable No
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Wells Fargo Outstanding Bond Obligations

Issue DateMaturityCoupon
337358BA2 7.5%04/26/199504/15/20357.5
337358BD6 6.55%10/18/199510/15/20356.55
33735YAA6 7.95%11/15/199911/15/20297.95
669380AW7 6.65%10/25/199310/15/20236.65
66938FJU9 6.75%12/23/199712/15/20276.75
8447HBAA0 7.69%05/09/199505/15/20257.69
8447HBAC6 6.565%12/12/199712/15/20276.565
8447HBAE2 6.125%01/09/199801/09/20286.125
8447HEAA4 7.74%05/09/199505/15/20257.74
92976GAA9 5.0%07/25/200308/15/20155.0
92976GAD3 4.875%01/31/200502/01/20154.875
92976GAE1 5.6%03/09/200603/15/20165.6
92976GAG6 5.85%01/30/200702/01/20375.85
92976GAH4 6.0%11/21/200711/15/20176.0
92976GAJ0 6.6%12/03/200701/15/20386.6
92976WBH8 5.75%01/31/200802/01/20185.75
929771AE3 6.605%10/05/199510/01/20256.605
929903AM4 5.5%08/01/200508/01/20355.5
929903CH3 5.625%10/24/200610/15/20165.625
929903DT6 5.75%06/08/200706/15/20175.75
949746JE2 5.125%09/16/200409/15/20165.125
949746JM4 5.375%02/07/200502/07/20355.375
949746NX5 5.625%12/10/200712/11/20175.625
949746RE3 4.48%02/05/201401/16/20244.48
949746RF0 5.606%02/05/201401/15/20445.606
94974BEU0 3.625%03/30/201004/15/20153.625
94974BEV8 4.6%03/29/201104/01/20214.6
94974BEZ9 2.625%12/12/201112/15/20162.625
94974BFA3 1.25%02/15/201202/13/20151.25
94974BFC9 3.5%03/08/201203/08/20223.5
94974BFD7 2.1%05/07/201205/08/20172.1
94974BFE5 1.5%06/27/201207/01/20151.5
94974BFG0 1.5%12/26/201201/16/20181.5
94974BFJ4 3.45%02/13/201302/13/20233.45
94974BFL9 1.25%07/29/201307/20/20161.25
94974BFN5 4.125%08/15/201308/15/20234.125
94974BFP0 5.375%10/28/201311/02/20435.375
94974BFQ8 2.15%10/28/201301/15/20192.15
94974BFR6 3.0%01/24/201401/22/20213.0
94974BFU9 2.125%04/22/201404/22/20192.125
94974BFW5 1.15%06/03/201406/02/20171.15
94974BFY1 4.1%06/03/201406/03/20264.1
94974BGA2 3.3%09/09/201409/09/20243.3
94974BGB0 1.4%09/09/201409/08/20171.4
94974BGE4 4.65%11/04/201411/04/20444.65
9497C0BG9 4.6%12/08/200412/15/20144.6
9497C0BJ3 4.55%12/15/200412/15/20144.55
9497C0BL8 4.5%12/22/200412/15/20144.5
94980VAA6 4.75%02/07/200502/09/20154.75
94980VAE8 5.75%05/15/200605/16/20165.75
94980VAG3 5.95%08/30/200608/26/20365.95
94985H5F7 0.75%07/29/201307/20/20150.75
94986RJD4 2.5%03/30/201203/29/20192.5
94986RMB4 3.25%11/15/201211/15/20273.25
94986RNT4 3.25%03/20/201303/20/20283.25
94974BGF1 2.15%02/02/201501/30/20202.15
94974BGH7 3.0%02/19/201502/19/20253.0
33738KAA3 6.18%02/23/199602/15/20366.18
33738MAA9 6.18%02/23/199602/15/20366.18
33738MAG6 6.919%12/24/199612/15/20366.919
94974BGK0 3.9%04/30/201505/01/20453.9

Understending Wells Fargo Use of Financial Leverage

Wells Fargo financial leverage ratio helps in determining the effect of debt on the overall profitability of the company. It measures the total debt position of Wells Fargo, including all of Wells Fargo's outstanding debt obligations, and compares it with the equity. In simple terms, the high financial leverage means the cost of production, together with running the business day-to-day, is high, whereas, lower financial leverage implies lower fixed cost investment in the business and generally considered by investors to be a good sign. So if creditors own a majority of Wells Fargo assets, the company is considered highly leveraged. Understanding the composition and structure of overall Wells Fargo debt and outstanding corporate bonds gives a good idea as to how risky the capital structure of a business and if it is worth investing in it. Please read more on our technical analysis page.
Last ReportedProjected for 2020
Long Term Debt228.2 B199.4 B
Total Debt316.7 B341.7 B
Issuance Repayment of Debt Securities49 B52.9 B
Debt to Equity Ratio 1.22  1.09 
Wells Fargo Company, a diversified financial services company, provides banking, investment, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions in the United States and internationally. The Company was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Wells Fargo operates under BanksDiversified classification in the United States and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 263000 people.

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