US Dollar All-Exchanges LightSpeedCoin Cryptocurrency is one of the most widely used sub-types of digital money. It is based on a new and evolving blockchain technology and is designed to work as a global medium of exchange using cryptography for transaction origination, verification and management. To help cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Macroaxis is building very simple digital wealth optimization module that will give investors a way to reduce some of the inherited risk by holding diversified portfolio of extremely volatile digital assets. If you consider building up a solid crypto portfolio please send us your wish list. Meanwhile please enjoy our new Cryptocurrency Portfolio Optimization and Cryptocurrency Arbitrage modules
 USD  US Dollar  
Trading Volume 25.9 M Dollars
SymbolExchnageCoin NamePriceLast TradedVolume
USDHITBTC-BCNUSDHitBTCByteCoin 0.006003 January 23, 201825.8 M 
USDTIDEX-WAVESUSDTidexWaves 9.52 January 23, 20186.5 K 
USDWAVESDE-WAVESUSDWavesDEXWaves 9.45 January 23, 201815.1 K 
USDHITBTC-BNTUSDHitBTCBancor Network Token 6.46 January 23, 2018109.6 K