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Macroaxis provides up-to-date ETF directory which is filterable by multiple attributes as a complimentary convenience tool to screen and analyze investment alternatives with minimized risk-return profiles. The ETF directory allows investors to evaluate current ETF investment strategies against their existing or potential portfolios as wells as against individual constituent holdings. View All Etfs
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SymbolNameIssuerCategoryFocusRegionAsset TypeExchange
BSJPBs 2025 HighInvescoCorporateHigh YieldNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
BSJOBs 2024 HighInvescoCorporateHigh YieldNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
BSJNBs 2023 HighInvescoCorporateHigh YieldNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
SPSBSPDR Short TermSSgACorporateInvestment GradeNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNYSE Arca, Inc.
BSJMBs 2022 HighInvescoCorporateHigh YieldNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
RIGZAlpha Architect ETFEmpowered FundsStrategyThemeGlobalEquityNYSE Arca, Inc.
BLVLong Term BondVanguardBroad DebtBroad DebtNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNYSE Arca, Inc.
SPSMSPDR Small CapSSgASize and StyleSmall CapNorth AmericaEquityNYSE Arca, Inc.
SPSKTidal SP FundsSP FundsBroad DebtInvestment GradeGlobalFixed IncomeNYSE Arca, Inc.
FUEMLCX Biofuels IndexMerrill LynchAgricultureGrainsGlobalCommoditiesNYSE Arca, Inc.
HYEMVaneck Emerging MarketsVan EckCorporateHigh YieldEmerging MarketsFixed IncomeNYSE Arca, Inc.
CACGLegg Clearbridge AllFranklin Templeton InvestmentsBroad EquityBroad EquityGlobalEquityNASDAQ
BOATSonicshares Global ShippingToroso InvestmentsSectorIndustrialsGlobalEquityNYSE Arca, Inc.
IBUYOnline Retail AmplifyAmplifySectorConsumer DiscretionaryGlobalEquityNYSE Arca, Inc.
UEVMUSAA MSCI EMUSAABroad EquityBroad EquityEmerging MarketsEquityNYSE Arca, Inc.
VMBSMortgage-Backed Securities VanguardVanguardU.S. GovernmentAgency MBSNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
BOCTInnovator SP 500Innovator Capital ManagementSize and StyleLarge CapNorth AmericaEquityCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
GIGESofi Gig EconomySoFiStrategyThemeGlobalEquityNASDAQ
JANZTrueShares Structured OutcomeTrueMark InvestmentsSize and StyleLarge CapNorth AmericaEquityCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
PTBDPacer Trendpilot USPacer FinancialBroad DebtBroad DebtNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNYSE Arca, Inc.
FUTManaged Futures StrategyProSharesAbsolute ReturnsLong/ShortGlobalCommoditiesCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
GMOMCambria Global MomentumCambriaAsset AllocationTarget OutcomeGlobalMulti AssetCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
IBTBIshares Ibonds DeciSharesU.S. GovernmentTreasuryNorth AmericaFixed IncomeNASDAQ
VUSBVanguard Ultra-Short BondVanguardBroad DebtInvestment GradeNorth AmericaFixed IncomeCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
CEMBEmrg Mkts CorpiSharesCorporateBroad MarketEmerging MarketsFixed IncomeCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.