Integrate high-impact financial content in an instant

Macroaxis provides comprehensive, Web 2.0-ready, customizable financial content that can be easily integrated to websites, investment portals, financial blogs or financial online media outlets. Macroaxis financial content can be syndicated either individually or as part of preconfigured bundles. All content can be branded with specific themes including logos, colors and composition.
  1    No programming or special skills to integrate
  2    Tailor financial content to custom requirements
  3    Save time with self-updating, high impact content
  4    Increase traffic, web presence, attract advertisers

How does it work?

Macroaxis financial content is a set of portable, reusable, and highly encapsulated Web 2.0 scriplets that can be installed within any website without programming. This includes financial portals, investment related sites, personal or business blogs or financial media outlets. All syndicated bundles come with a built-in market browser and dynamic searchable interface for symbol lookups including global equities, funds and ETFs.
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Macroaxis provides much more than the typical company lookup you may have seen on financial portals. We provide useful content that is specifically tailored toward risk averse investors that are looking for equities to add to a portfolio with a goal of increasing risk adjusted return on his or her total holdings in while reducing market risk.
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Need custom content?

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