Select any of the investing ideas below to find investing opportunities targeted against specific trending themes or categories. You can build portfolios using our predefined set of ideas and optimize them against your very unique investing style. A single investing idea is an unweighted collection of up to 20 funds, stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies that are programmatically selected from a pull of upto 70 equities to reflect a certain investment theme based on common characteristics such us industry, growth potential, volatility, or market segment. After you determine your theme you can then find an optimal portfolio that will maximize potential returns on the selected idea or minimize it exposure to market volatility.
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Funds & ETFs
Macro Ideas
Exotic Themes
Build Thematic Portfolio
Artificial Intelligence
Firms and funds that are developing tools for artificial intelligence
Robots And Drones
Cross-sector firms and funds that develop or invest in technology that can replicate repetitive human actions
Macroaxis Index
Macroaxis power theme of selected equities with solid fundamentals
Disruptive Technologies
Firms and ETFs that are involved or betting on industries or trends that are projected to experience exponential growth
Millennials Best
Firms that are involved in making products or providing services to millennials
Social Domain
Companies that are actively involved or directly contribute to the development of various social networking technologies
Driverless Cars
Large and mid size firms and ETFs that are involved or betting on driverless cars market
Climate Change
A subset of companies across different industries and markets, that have embraced or working towards promoting renewable energy equipment, product, or services
Dividend Beast
Solid, dividend paying stocks and ETFs
Trump Equities
Companies that have responded positively to Trump presidency
Alternative Energy
Companies, funds and ETFs that are involved in development and popularizing of alternative energy
Top Penny
Strong penny or near-penny equities
Obamacare Repeal
Large healthcare related equities associated with Obamacare
Israel Wall Street
Large Israel companies traded on major USA exchanges
Monster Funds
Funds with above average long term performance indicators
Aggressive Defence
Small capitalization, high growth potential companies
Small and Mid-sized companies with exposure to distribution of Marijuana
Cancer Fighters
Public companies from health care and pharmaceutical sectors that are focused on fighting cancer
Power Stocks
High potential, large capitalization stocks theme
Russia On Wall Street
Large and mid-size Russian entities traded in the United States
Baby Boomer Prospects
Mega stocks, funds and ETFs that tend to appeal to people considering retirement from the work force
Giant Impact
Public companies with mega capitalization
Top FinTech
A collection of large financial service, investment, and banking companies
Military Industrial
Active national defense contractors that are involved either directly or indirectly in support of the US military operations
Cross-industry collection of firms that are adopting blockchain technology
Macroaxis long run momentum stocks
Macroaxis evolving impulse stocks
Macroaxis Picks
Macroaxis daily picks
USD Crypto Assets
Cryptocurrency traded in US Dollar
Car makers, trucks manufacturing, auto dealerships, and auto parts
Electronic manufacturers
Chemicals Makers
Chemicals for crops, soil, human, and animals
Computers production and distribution
Software, software systems, and software services
Basic Utilities
Electric, gas, water, and other energy utilities
Heavy Metals
Industrial metals and minerals
Oil And Gas
Oil And Gas drilling, production, pipelines, and equipment
Communication Services
Networking, telecom, long distance carriers, and other communication services
Health Management
Healthcare providers, hospitals
Drug manufacturing and delivery
Information technology and IT services
Internet Service Providers
Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals production and services
All money banks and credit services
Money and asset management including investment banking
Insurance Providers
All types of insurance and insurance brokerages
All types of stores and shopping markets
Hotels and motels
Entertainment industry and show business
Marketing services and PR
Restaurants, Coffee Shops and other eateries
Banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions
Fund-like instruments that are traded on an stock exchanges
Healthcare institutions that deliver medical services
Manufacturing of goods across different domains
Investor Favorites
Equities most commonly found in portfolios of money managers
Intangible goods delivered to businesses and consumers
Research or development of technologically based good
Basic necessities for public or businesses
Addiction driven consumer products and services
Real Estate
Real estate development, management and trading including REIT funds
Waste management, pollution control, and recycling
Companies that count on Obamacare to take off
Sporting goods retailers and sporting activities firms
Funds of local and national municipal bonds
Small Value
Funds with small to mid capitalization value equities
Small Growth
Funds with small to mid capitalization growth equities
Small Blend
Funds with small to mid capitalization growth and value assets
Large Value
Funds with large capitalization value equities
Large Growth
Funds with large capitalization growth equities
Large Blend
Funds with large capitalization growth and value instruments
Emerging Markets
Funds with instruments from emerging markets
Junk Bonds
Funds with bonds rated BB or lower
Funds investing in government bonds or debt instruments
Corporate Bonds
Funds investing in corporate debt instruments
Funds investing in real estate backed instruments
Funds investing in energy sector, natural resources, and Ecology
Precious Metals
Funds investing in various precious metals
Money Market
Funds investing in money market instruments or bank loans
Funds investing in convertibles debt instruments
Tech Funds
Funds investing in technology
Funds with moderate expected return and risk
Funds with low risk and low expected return
Funds investing in derivates and alternative instruments
Money Funds
Funds investing in financial sector
Healthcare Funds
Funds investing in healthcare
Market Neutral
Funds investing in market neutral instruments
Funds investing in consumer services companies
Funds investing in currencies
Funds investing in commodities
World Allocation
Funds investing in large global markets