Optimize Your Retirement Accounts

Whether you have an existing 401K or IRA account or looking to build meaningful asset allocation for your newly available retirement funds, you can use Macroaxis Investment Grader and Retirement Planning Engine to improve performance of your retirement asset and optimize your long term portfolios. We are dedicated to helping you diversify your retirement portfolios according to your unique situation, appetite for risk, capital preservation attitude, and expectation of the future economic conditions. Find out how.

Protecting your Retirement Accounts

The only way to protect your retirement accounts is to make sure that portfolios are diversified according to your tolerance for risk. Whether you have an existing 401K or IRA account or want to find a meaningful asset allocation for your newly available retirement funds, you can use Macroaxis Investment Grader engine to help you with analysis and suggestions to diversify your retirement portfolios according to your unique situation.

Why do employers need Retirement Accounts?

A primary reason for these retirement accounts is that they are cheaper for employers to maintain than a traditional pension funds. With a 401(k) plan, the employer only has to pay plan administration and support costs if they elect not to match employee contributions or make profit sharing contributions. In addition, some or all of the plan administration costs can be passed on to plan participants. In years with strong profits employers can make matching or profit-sharing contributions, and reduce or eliminate them in poor years.

Four easy steps to get more juice out of retirement accounts

Macroaxis provides investors and money managers with agile investment management methodology powered by real, ready to use analytical tools to get most out of your retirement. Don't miss up on what your local market offers. Volatility can be your real friend. Use our continues portfolio optimization framework to outperform the market.
Import your 401K or IRA portfolios
You can either import your existing retirement portfolios in Excel or csv format or simply create a brand new portfolio that mimics or simulates your retirement holdings. We will automatically update your holding with fresh historical and market data.

Analyze and grade your holdings
After you import or create your retirement portfolios, simply run one of our built-in analytical modules to compute a relative score for your existing holdings and to present you with details regarding your estimated risk level and expected returns.

Get Advised on your asset allocation
After you know your portfolio relative score and understand its risk-adjusted return potential, you can utilize our suggestion module to see what can be improved in your portfolio to reduce market risk exposure or enhance expected return.

Export suggested portfolios
When you finally satisfied with your new asset allocation, simply export your entire portfolio back to excel file and use it with your designated brokerage.
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Analyze Portfolios


Optimize Positions


Monitor & Rebalance

Portfolio Optimization
The IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) was created by amendment to the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 made by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). This act enacted Internal Revenue Code sections 219 and 408 relating to IRAs. On January 1, 1980 the section 401(k) of Internal Revenue Code went into effect and by 1984 there were 17,303 companies in the United States offering 401(k) plans to employees. By 2003, there were 438,000 companies with 401(k) plans.

Danger of Retirement Accounts

The danger of both IRA and 401K plans is that the contributions of employees are not diversified, particularly if the company had strongly encouraged its workers to invest their plans in their employer itself as in infamous case of Enron Corporation where employees lost virtually everything they accumulated over the years in their retirement accounts when Enron filed for bankruptcy protection.