You can select up to 4 super themes and we will try to optimize them into a single portfolio based on a $20,000 budget with allocations determined by your current optimization settings. You can also use advanced portfolio builder with pre-computed micro themes or simply utilize our theme browser to build a portfolio against a single theme.


Companies that provide financial services to business or retail customers

Raw Materials

Companies that are involved with the development and processing of raw materials such as silver or forestry


Public companies that diversify risk by investing accross different stocks, funds, or indexes


Companies that deliver final goods such as cars or clothing for consumption by consumers


Companies that provide healthcare goods and services including hospitals, health maintenance organizations, HMOs, or medical aid manufacturers


Companies that provide goods across residential, commercial and industrial construction such as machinery, tools, or lumber production

Investor Favorites

Macroaxis most traded equities with largest long positions over the last 2 years


Companies involved in delivering services to business or consumers across different industries and sectors


Companies that are involved in development or distribution of technologically based goods and services such as software, IT or electronics


Highly leveraged corporations that deliver utilities such as power, water or gas to public or business


Companies involved in apprenticeship, education, tutoring, schooling, online universities, and other learning services


Companies involved in research, development, and manufacturing of producsts with compulsion characteristics such as cigarettes, addictive drugs and alcohol

Real Estate

Publically traded companies that are involved in real estate development, property maintenance and management of real estate investment trusts (REIT) funds


West management companies as well as entities specializing in pollution control and recycling


Health care services and providers including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes that hope to benefit from Obamacare program


Companies in sporting activities arena as well as manufacturers of sporting goods and spot retailers

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