Over the last 30 years portfolio optimization including different implementations of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) became a trusted methodology for many professional money managers and financial advisors to establish a disciplined approach to building wealth for their clients. With the advancement in technology and availability of computing power to perform very intensive mathematical calculations, the paradigm of mean-variance optimization can now be brought to new generation of investors significantly reducing the cost of delivery of advanced financial analytics.

Personalized Wealth Optimization

Macroaxis® Wealth Optimization Platform is a set of comprehensive modules that are written in the context of traditional financial modeling and robust portfolio optimization framework.

Good for Beginner

  • Aggregate all your portfolios and track performance from anywhere
  • Optimize your positions and evaluate performance across multiple portfolios
  • Minimize total risk and maximize expected return
  • Match your allocation profile with appropriate financial advisor
  • Evaluate your performance against past and others
  • Grade your retirement portfolios accross all accounts
  • Get advice on your existing asset
  • Benchmark performance against others
  • Maximize expected return and minimize total risk
  • Use private sharing and mobile access
  • Determine efficient asset allocation (learn more)
  • Professional Trader Tools

    Great for Professional Trader

  • Index your profile on major search engines
  • Receive leads from potential investors
  • Optimize clients' positions
  • Increase managed assets
  • Pitch your performance to prospects
  • Enhance return on technology
  • Use custom reports and private branding
  • Macroaxis adds value to investors and money managers in three main categories:

    Portfolio Analysis
    Powerful and easy to use tools to quickly assemble, analyze, and monitor all your portfolios

    Portfolio Optimization
    Continually optimize your portfolios to reduce risk and increase expected returns

    Portfolio Suggestion
    Automatically apply analysis and optimization analytics to find better portfolios

    Additional Benefits

    In addition to its comprehensive portfolio optimization and suggestion engine, Macroaxis provides a suite of investment solutions through the Software as a Service model (SaaS). This allows investor and money managers to focus less on technology, and more on managing portfolios or servicing clients. Regardless of your background, budget, or investment philosophy, you will find our platform and community useful in building optimal portfolios for yourself or your clients. The benefits of using the Macroaxis Wealth Optimization Platform include:   

    Accessibility and Availability

    Ability to access equities from domestic or foreign exchanges including stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), and indices; empower users to perform sophisticated portfolio analysis very quickly--even novice investors can perform a professional portfolio analysis in a matter of minutes.

    Better Analysis Better Return

    Never buy a stock again on just a stock tip. Build & analyze your portfolio on a risk/return basis; evaluate how the securities in a portfolio work in combination with each other(correlations) to minimize risk or maximize return, and distinguish those that work well together from those that don't.

    Educated Diversification

    Provide an intuitive interface to determine which securities in a portfolio should be removed or rebalanced to achieve better diversification; find the right mix of securities that minimizes portfolio risk for a given return, or maximize portfolio's expected return for a given risk level.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Leveraging evolving Web technologies we give our users portfolio optimization software that is based on simplicity, speed, accessibility, and an enhanced user experience, making technology that was once accessible only to professional money managers available to the entire investing community. We enable investors to run complex financial analytics without downloading a single piece of software or using third-party configurations. Macroaxis Wealth Optimization Platform provides several alternative ways to find optimal portfolios, which gives users full control, not only over the concentration of individual securities in the portfolio, but also over the various diversification options.

    Typical Optimization Workflow

    Add Your Portfolios

    You can either import your existing portfolios or simply create a brand new portfolio that mimics or simulates your current holdings. We will automatically update your holding with fresh historical and market data.

    Evaluate Suggestions

    After you know your portfolio relative health and understand its risk-adjusted return potential, you can utilize our optimization and suggestion module to see what can be improved in your portfolio to reduce market risk exposure and enhance return.

    Get Optimal Portfolios

    You can use multiple optimization and suggestion scenarios to store resulted optimal portfolios within your Macroaxis account. When you finally satisfied with your new asset allocations, simply export your efficient portfolios and use it with your designated brokerage.

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