Edith Bailey - A2 Milk Chief Officer

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Edith Bailey is Chief Officer of The A2 Milk
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A2 Milk Management Efficiency

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of 0.0718 % which means that it generated a profit of $0.0718 on every $100 spent on assets. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows a return on equity (ROE) of 0.1007 %, meaning that it generated $0.1007 on every $100 dollars invested by stockholders. A2 Milk's management efficiency ratios could be used to measure how well A2 Milk manages its routine affairs as well as how well it operates its assets and liabilities.
The A2 Milk has accumulated 66.21 M in total debt with debt to equity ratio (D/E) of 0.1, which may suggest the company is not taking enough advantage from borrowing. A2 Milk has a current ratio of 2.61, suggesting that it is liquid and has the ability to pay its financial obligations in time and when they become due. Debt can assist A2 Milk until it has trouble settling it off, either with new capital or with free cash flow. So, A2 Milk's shareholders could walk away with nothing if the company can't fulfill its legal obligations to repay debt. However, a more frequent occurrence is when companies like A2 Milk sell additional shares at bargain prices, diluting existing shareholders. Debt, in this case, can be an excellent and much better tool for ACOPY to invest in growth at high rates of return. When we think about A2 Milk's use of debt, we should always consider it together with cash and equity.

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The a2 Milk Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, sells A2 protein type branded milk and related products in Australia, New Zealand, China, other Asian countries, and the United States. The a2 Milk Company Limited was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. A2 Milk is traded on OTC Exchange in the United States. The A2 Milk [ACOPY] is a Pink Sheet which is traded between brokers over the counter.

Management Performance

A2 Milk Leadership Team

Elected by the shareholders, the A2 Milk's board of directors comprises two types of representatives: A2 Milk inside directors who are chosen from within the company, and outside directors, selected externally and held independent of ACOPY. The board's role is to monitor A2 Milk's management team and ensure that shareholders' interests are well served. A2 Milk's inside directors are responsible for reviewing and approving budgets prepared by upper management to implement core corporate initiatives and projects. On the other hand, A2 Milk's outside directors are responsible for providing unbiased perspectives on the board's policies.
Li Xiao, Chief Executive Greater China
Jane Xu, Ex China
BCom BComm, CEO MD
Shareef Khan, Chief Officer
Amanda Hart, Chief Officer
David Akers, Group Sustainability
Edith Bailey, Chief Officer
Mark Sherwin, Interim Risk
Jaron McVicar, General Counsel, Company Secretary
Blake Waltrip, Chief Executive, USA Business

ACOPY Stock Performance Indicators

The ability to make a profit is the ultimate goal of any investor. But to identify the right pink sheet is not an easy task. Is A2 Milk a good investment? Although profit is still the single most important financial element of any organization, multiple performance indicators can help investors identify the equity that they will appreciate over time.

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Additional Tools for ACOPY Pink Sheet Analysis

When running A2 Milk's price analysis, check to measure A2 Milk's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy A2 Milk is operating at the current time. Most of A2 Milk's value examination focuses on studying past and present price action to predict the probability of A2 Milk's future price movements. You can analyze the entity against its peers and the financial market as a whole to determine factors that move A2 Milk's price. Additionally, you may evaluate how the addition of A2 Milk to your portfolios can decrease your overall portfolio volatility.