Swiss Mrt (Switzerland) Profile

71.87  0.76%

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Swiss Mrt Price Boundaries

DOW has a standard deviation of returns of 0.69 and is 1.06 times more volatile than Swiss Mrt. 5% of all equities and portfolios are less risky than Swiss Mrt. Compared to the overall equity markets, volatility of historical daily returns of Swiss Mrt is lower than 5 (%) of all global equities and portfolios over the last 30 days. Use Swiss Mrt to enhance returns of your portfolios. The index experiences moderate upward volatility. Check odds of Swiss Mrt to be traded at 10478.51 in 30 days. . The returns on DOW and Swiss Mrt are completely uncorrelated.

Swiss Mrt Global Risk-Return Landscape

 Daily Expected Return (%) 
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