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CPGAX -- USA Fund  

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Is it time to bring in American Funds? American Funds Mutual Fund analysis can help investors discover the best opportunities and time the market in virtually any economy. Find the stocks trading at a discount of their intrinsic value will give you an edge in creating a market-bitting portfolio. The current investor indifference towards the small price fluctuations of American Funds Global could raise concerns from investors as the entity closed today at a share price of 16.39999962 on very low momentum in volume. The fund money managers did not add any value to American Funds investors in April. However, most investors can still diversify their portfolios with American Funds Global to hedge your portfolio against high-volatility market scenarios. The fund standard deviation of daily returns for 30 days (very short) investing horizon is currently 3.69. The above-average volatility is mostly attributed to market volatility and speculations regarding some of the upcoming earning calls from American Funds holdings. Continue to Trending Equities.

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The American Funds Mutual Fund analysis interface makes it easy to digest most current publicly released information about American Funds as well as get updates on important government artifacts including earning estimates, SEC corporate filings and announcements. American stock analysis module also helps to analyze American Funds price relationship with some important fundamental indicators such as market cap and management efficiency.

American Mutual Fund Analysis Notes

The fund holds about 7.75% of assets under management (AUM) in cash. American Funds Global last dividend was 0.15 per share. The fund invests in companies of any size, from small emerging growth to wellestablished companies. It principally invests in equity securities but may also invest in debt securities. The fund may invest up to 25% of assets in foreign securities including emerging market countries, denominated in a foreign currency and not publicly traded in the U.S. For more info on PL GROWTH LT FUND please contact the company at 800-421-4225.

American Funds Global Investment Alerts

American Funds has very high historical volatility over the last 30 days
American Funds Global generated five year return of -1.0%
This fund holds about 7.75% of its assets under management (AUM) in cash

Management Efficiency

American Funds management efficiency ratios could be used to measure of how well the company is managing its routine affairs as well as how well it utilizes its assets and manages liabilities.

Top Mutual Fund Constituents

At Risk
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Celgene 0.00  0.00 
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Apple Inc 0.06 (6.54) 
New Perspective 0.0357 (7.70) 
SMALLCAP World 0.0435 (7.24) 
The Growth Fund 0.05 (11.50) 
Fundamental Investors Class 0.0288 (8.60) 
EuroPacific Growth 0.0178 (8.04) 
<div class='circular--portrait-small' style='font-weight: 700;background:#006400;color: #FFE4E1;font-size:0.9em;padding-top: 12px;;'>ORC</div>
Oracle 0.0371 (5.03) 
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International Business Machines(0.0235) (5.45) 
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EOG Resources(0.0138) (10.62) 
<div class='circular--portrait-small' style='font-weight: 700;background:#754DEB;color: #F0FFF0;font-size:1.1em;padding-top: 10px;;'>CS</div>
Cisco Systems 0.05 (7.58) 
<div class='circular--portrait-small' style='font-weight: 700;background:#800000;color: #F8F8FF;font-size:1.1em;padding-top: 10px;;'>CC</div>
Crown Castle International 0.0277 (7.37) 
Capital World Growth 0.0217 (7.42) 
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Occidental Petroleum Corporatio(0.08) (12.53) 

Technical Drivers

As of the 28th of May American Funds shows Risk Adjusted Performance of 0.0689 and Mean Deviation of 2.73. American Funds Global technical analysis gives you the methodology to make use of historical prices and volume patterns to determine a pattern that approximates the direction of the entity future prices. Put another way, you can use this information to find out if the entity will indeed mirror its model of historical prices and volume momentum or the prices will eventually revert. We found nineteen technical drivers for American Funds Global, which can be compared to its rivals. Please confirm American Funds Global Standard Deviation as well as the relationship between Maximum Drawdown and Expected Short fall to decide if American Funds Global is priced correctly providing market reflects its regular price of 16.4 per share.

American Funds Global Price Movement Analysis

The output start index for this execution was eleven with a total number of output elements of fifty. The Moving Average is predictive technique used to analyze American Funds Global price data points by creating a series of averages of different subsets of American Funds entire price series. View also all equity analysis or get more info about all moving average overlap studies indicator.

American Funds Technical and Predictive Indicators

American Funds Forecast Models

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