ExtStock Bitcoin (in USD) Financial Indicators Patterns

EXTSTOCBTC -- Cryptlandia Crypto  

USD 9,873  132.19  1.32%

We urge you to utilize ExtStock Bitcoin USD fundamental analysis to see if markets are presently mispricing the crypto. In plain English you can exercise it to find out if ExtStock Bitcoin USD is indeed mispriced or if you can make any profits on it by purchasing it and then waiting for the market to recognize its mistake and reprise the security. We found one available fundamental indicators for ExtStock Bitcoin USD which can be compared to its rivals. Please be adviced to confirm ExtStock Bitcoin USD Market Capitalization to decide if ExtStock Bitcoin USD is mispriced or priced correctly.

Chance of Financial Distress

ExtStock Bitcoin USD has less than 44 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info

ExtStock Bitcoin Company Summary

ExtStock Bitcoin USD is a digital security from online money exchange where you can buy or sell Bitcoin for US Dollar. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital currency powered by the Blockchain technology.

ExtStock Bitcoin Market Fundamentals

Coin TypeBitcoin
Market MakerExtStock
Proof TypePoW
Latest Date TradedSeptember 21, 2019
Maximum Coin Supply2.1E7
Mining Start Date03/01/2009
Last Block ReportedSeptember 18, 2019
Difficulty Adjustment2016 blocks
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