Oasis Crescent (Ireland) Financial Indicators Patterns

F00000N763 -- Ireland Fund  

GBp 1,665  38.00  2.23%

We recommend you to use Oasis Crescent Global fundamental analysis to see if markets are presently mispricing the entity. In other words you can utilize it to find out if Oasis Crescent Global is indeed mispriced or if you can make any profits on it by purchasing it and then waiting for the market to recognize its mistake and reprise the security. . We found five available financial ratios for Oasis Crescent Global which can be compared to its competitors. Please check Oasis Crescent Global Cash Position Weight, Equity Positions Weight as well as the relationship between Equity Positions Weight and Bond Positions Weight to decide if Oasis Crescent Global is priced adequately. Use Oasis Crescent to protect against small markets fluctuations. The fund experiences unexpected downward movement. The market is reacting to new fundamentals. Check odds of Oasis Crescent to be traded at p;1598.4 in 30 days

Oasis Crescent Company Summary

To achieve medium to long-term growth of capital and income by investing on a global basis in securities that are ethically, morally and Shariah compliant according to the guidelines set by the Investment Managers Shariah Advisory Board. Oasis Crescent is traded on Irland Stock Exchange in Ireland.

Oasis Crescent Cash Position Weight vs Bond Positions Weight

Oasis Crescent Global Low Eq B is one of the top funds in cash position weight among similar funds. It is one of the top funds in bond positions weight among similar funds creating about  4.33  of Bond Positions Weight per Cash Position Weight.

Oasis Crescent Market Fundamentals

 Change(%) 2.23%

Distress Rating

Oasis Crescent Financial Distress Probability

Chance of Financial Distress
Oasis Crescent Global Low Eq B has less than 45 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info

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Oasis Crescent Opportunity Range

October 22, 2018 Opportunity Range

Additionally see Investing Opportunities. Please also try Correlation Analysis module to reduce portfolio risk simply by holding instruments which are not perfectly correlated.
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