Kotak Treasury (India) Financial Indicators Patterns

F00000PCYR -- India Fund  

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Use fundamental data analysis to check out all available financial ratios of Kotak Treasury Advan to find out if markets are presently mispricing the entity. We found seven available fundamentals for Kotak Treasury which can be compared to its peers in the industry. Please exercise Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund Dir Gr Net Asset and the relationship between Minimum Initial Investment and Cash Position Weight to make a decision on weather Kotak Treasury Advan is priced favorably. Use Kotak Treasury to enhance returns of your portfolios. The fund experiences normal upward fluctuation. Check odds of Kotak Treasury to be traded at 30.61 in 30 days

Kotak Treasury Company Summary

To reduce the interest rate risk associated with investments in fixed rate instruments by investing predominantly in floating rate securities, money market instruments and using appropriate derivatives. Kotak Treasury is traded on Bombay Stock Exchange in India.

Kotak Treasury Bond Positions Weight vs Net Asset

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund Dir Gr is one of the top funds in bond positions weight among similar funds. It is one of the top funds in net asset among similar funds making up about  7,474,769,797  of Net Asset per Bond Positions Weight.

Kotak Treasury Market Fundamentals

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Distress Rating

Kotak Treasury Financial Distress Probability

Chance of Financial Distress
Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund Dir Gr has less than 1 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info
Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund Dir Gr is one of the top funds in net asset among similar funds. Total Asset Under Management (AUM) of Ultrashort Bond category is currently estimated at about 405.88 Billion. Kotak Treasury totals roughly 202.94 Billion in net asset claiming about 50% of Ultrashort Bond category.

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Kotak Treasury Opportunity Range

September 20, 2018 Opportunity Range

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