Russell Emerg (Ireland) Money Management

F0GBR05XFA -- Ireland Fund  

USD 50.07  0.80  1.57%

Analysis of Russell Emerg manpower and management performance can provide insight into Russell Emerg stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Russell Emerg Mkts future performance. Additionally see Investing Opportunities.

Russell Emerg Workforce Comparison

Russell Emerg Mkts Eq J is rated # 4 fund in number of employees among similar funds. The total workforce of Global Emerging Markets Equity category is currently estimated at about 4.0. Russell Emerg totals roughly 1.0 in number of employees claiming about 25% of all funds under Global Emerging Markets Equity category.

Russell Emerg Stakeholder

Scott Crawshaw Fund Manager

Russell Emerg Leadership

Russell Emerg Mkts Top Executives

  Scott Crawshaw  Executive
Fund Manager

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Russell Emerg Mkts Annual Yield

In accordance with recently published financial statements Russell Emerg Mkts Eq J has Annual Yield of 0.0%. This is 100.0% lower than that of the Russell Investment Ireland Limited family, and 100.0% lower than that of Global Emerging Markets Equity category, The Annual Yield for all funds is 100.0% higher than the company.
      Russell Emerg Comparables 
Small firms, start-ups, or companies with high growth potential typically do not pay out dividends or distribute a lot of their profits. These companies will have small yield. Alternatively, more established companies, ETFs, and funds that invest in bonds will have a higher yields.
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